Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bob is Still a Liar

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"Rico, in my opinion, it was a stupid thing to say."

Bob would know these things, since he's an expert at saying stupid things.

"It's dirty politics, and you know it."

Bob would know these things, since he's an expert in dirty politics.

"We need to stick to the issues and not 'exaggerate' headlines like this to throw folks off of the important issues... But the negative attacks need to stop... Remember, negativity pushes positivity away. Don't let your smart mouth push voters to the other side......"

Do as I say, not as I do.  Hypocrite.

"And before you say it, I know my campaign for trustee was dirty."

You can say that again, and again, and again...

"But I wasn't twisting facts to make me look good."


"It was truth that I was trying to expose."

If it was "truth", then why did you settle the libel suit out of court?

"Truth that most people allowed their party affiliation to prevent them from seeing."


"But time will show the truth."

Do you mean the "truth" that Fred Barkes is a criminal?  I'm still waiting for your evidence.

"People will learn what actually went and goes on. One day, a lot of people will regret not taking a closer look."

Delusional.  Bob, you have no clue what actually went on and goes on.  You have no facts.  All you have is your asinine ASSumptions.


Bozo Tracker said...

Give us a break Bozo Bob, U R such a Phony.

Askin Ewe said...

Could it be that Bobby's new found Ex Milestone Sweeties have converted him from a Loud Mouthed Horses A** into an open minded, all caring citizen?

Anonymous said...

"We think the woman inuried is ****** ****** who was working at the German booth today."

"I also understand Ricky doesn't wish to have the facts he post about Columbus posted here because of the content or conversation allowed her."


"However now meth cooks have figured out how to make nearly pure ammonia -- a vital ingredient in the production of methamphetamine -- by using household chemicals and dry ice."

Incorrect, as usual for Columbuzz.

It is not a method of making pure ammonia. The ammonia is already 'made'. It is a method of making ammonia more pure; i.e., anhydrous, meaning without water.
Also, it is not a vital ingredient for making meth. It is only vital for one of several different recipes.

You obviously never took a course in Basic Chemistry.

Misinformation only digs your hole of poor reputation and unprofessionalism deeper.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure which is worse, the bad writing style, or the lack of actual information and all assumptions on their site.

A Higher Life Form said...

"I bet Clifton Cook isn't happy about now. Sitting in a Miami jail awaiting extradition back to Columbus for murder."

...said Mr. Obvious of Columbuzz.

Their brilliance is overwhelming.

Dude said...

Quote from columbuzz that summarizes Scalf's campaign strategy but also sounds identical to Bob's past campaign strategy:

"Scalf has been consistently the perpetrator of negative campaigning and false accusations. Brown's campaign has yet to mention the opponent especially in forums. She talks about her plans, her experience, and her thoughts.

It would seem to me that if your candidate was good enough on her merits, they would not have to falsely accuse, besmirch, and lie in hopes of getting votes."

Dude said...

Hilarious quote from Rico on columbuzz:
"As for the title being a 'stupid thing to say,' I’m not sure how to take that from someone with a penchant for posting pictures of anal fissures and monkey faces. But I will point out that it was the admins, not me, who decided to use the phrase to headline this article in big red letters."

Dude said...

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"I would think that if someone twists facts around to make others look bad during a campaign, they would probably do it after an election too."

Yep, and Bob is a perfect example of this.

"I am a Democrat. Your crap makes me ashamed to say I am."

Bob, YOUR crap made many Democrats ashamed.

"And I used the butthole and monkey pictures accordingly. If the shoe fits.... "

Sure Bob, whatever. You do no wrong. That must be why you and Jeremy constantly delete your rants and idiocy on columbuzz after you've been called out.

Anonymous said...

Says Bob Freeman:

"I am a Democrat. Your crap makes me ashamed to say I am."

Bob ashamed?
There is no way that is possible.

Bob is a poor example of a human.

Anonymous said...

i know several people here in town that used to be democrats but after seeing how bob threw so much negativity, and the other dems not saying for or against, just simply remaining quiet, turned several away, not wanting to support a party that allows a politician to be so negative

Juke Joint Jimmie said...

Bob the Big Fat Giant Hypocrite said,

"And before you say it, I know my campaign for trustee was dirty.
But I wasn't twisting facts to make me look good.
It was truth that I was trying to expose. Truth that most people allowed their party affiliation to prevent them from seeing.
But time will show the truth.
People will learn what actually went and goes on."

Blah, blah, blah....same old false promises from Bob who NEVER follows through on ANYTHING he says.

And how can you call yourself a Democrat if you vote for Republicans?

If your Bob Freeman, who is non-committed, and likes to straddle the fence so he can bitch and moan about both sides.

Bob stands for Bob, period...

...and he can't even support himself!!!!!

Dude said...

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"A meeting where an idiot tries to explain why she can't count money or pay for the fire department."

This coming from an idiot that can't seem to keep his own finances straight (Capital One).

"What are you hiding?"

What are you hiding Bob?

"What sort of things do you do that you don't want folks to know about?"

SpongeBob NosyPants needs to know ASAP so he can attack you on columbuzz!

"Is this Rodney? Sounds like it could be."

Another ASSumption from Bob.

"Smoking laws don't matter to you either, do they?"

Kind of like odometer tampering laws don't matter to you Bob.

Trouble Shooter aka Hank Hawkins said...

Bob promoting Porn on his Twitter Account
and Let's visit the LIBARY Book mobile

Anonymous said...

BOB FREEMAN: "My buddy recorded most of it and handed me the recorder when he left before the meeting was over."

Bob's imaginary friend always pops up when Bob attempts to shirk responsibility or guilt.

BOB FREEMAN: "She blatantly smoked in front of a whole room and the only one with balls enough to say anything said after the meeting as he walked out the door.
Nobody speaks up, so the crap goes on."

Bob accidentally admits that he (and his imaginary friend) has no balls.

Dude said...

"Bob accidentally admits that he (and his imaginary friend) has no balls."

He was probably neutered since he didn't have a keyboard in front of him at the meeting.

Dude said...

More hypocrisy from Bob:
"Whoopdee dooooooo, you can do better than nasty sarcasm and false accusations. And until you do, your crap won't get posted."

Bob can't do better than nasty sarcasm and false accusations.

And more lame threats:
"And be careful what you say about my new framily."


Framily?? What idiot came up with that?
Y-yo yo's Yeah bob, you fit right in with your "framily"

Anonymous said...

"And I used the butthole and monkey pictures accordingly. If the shoe fits.... "

I get it now, Bob was trying to act like a legitimate internet bloger and posted his picture next to his articles.

Dude said...

Bob's never-ending hypocrisy:
"Not my wish Rico. But that's your decision. I assume you're an adult but it's hard to tell.

My wish is to see people debate and campaign in an adult and civil manner without making up stuff about each other.

Stupid stuff like that causes good people to lose elections. "

Brozo Tracker said...

It appears that Brozo Brob has become some involved with his Milestone Rejects Framily that he hasn't had time to publish the "knock your socks off Trustee Information, The Politician's Framily Tree Project nor open up his Repeatedly Promised, Homeless Shelter.

Anonymous said...

Meet Bob Freeman

Anonymous said...

Brob has never fulfilled a promise in his poor, wretched, meaningless life.

Up Yours said...

BOB FREEMAN: "Not everyone has a butthole in their neighborhood that keeps calling and bugging city hall about someone leaving a toter out in front of his house."

The Biggest Complainer of All complains about someone who is complaining.

Funny how Bob speaks real big when it's someone else's ass on the line.

Contrary to his own belief, Bob is not a spokesperson for everyone else...and if he were, he should be fired.

Anonymous said...

From Bob Freeman's COLUMBUZZED:

"County jail over crowded already, Clifton Cook in best part of jail"

It looks like the work of Jeremy a.k.a. Nathan Wiley.

'Overcrowded' is ONE word.

If they EVER want to be taken seriously, I suggest they ALL take remedial courses in grammar, spelling, and creative writing... well as criminal law.

It just shows that any dimwit can create and run a website.

Dude said...

"BOB FREEMAN: 'Not everyone has a butthole in their neighborhood.'"

All of Bob's neighbors have one in their neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

For the record - I spoke with the Bush family and they have NOTHING to do with the toter complaints. Bob is ASSuming again.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy a.k.a. Kenneth Nathan Wiley.

Dude said...

Example of Bob ASSuming again:
"I had a story on here about how my neighbor down the block called on my trailer sitting out on the street.

He came to my door and he denies calling the police about either trailer.

He just learned of this story.

He asked why I didn't knock on the door and ask him. I didn't because I didn't want to stir it up any more than it was. The same reason I didn't park my trailer in front of his house.

I don't know who called the complaints in."

You would think Bob would get tired of being wrong 99.9% of the time.

Dude said...

Bob wrote:
"He asked why I didn't knock on the door and ask him. I didn't because I didn't want to stir it up any more than it was."

No, it's because you were not in your house in front of your computer. Also, this is a perfect example of your lack of investigative skills. You don't investigate, you just ASSume.

Anonymous said...

“He asked why I didn't knock on the door and ask him. I didn't because I didn't want to stir it up any more than it was."

Is he even partially serious? He didn’t want to stir it up yet he put it out there for everyone to discuss on his site. Not only discuss, then he went into a rant and rave about how long he would leave it on the street, then in the driveway and back on the street again just to annoy his neighbor. No let’s be honest, he didn’t knock on the door b/c he is a coward except from behind his computer. Major kudos to his neighbor for handling it like a grownup.


Anonymous said...

wow they are big time now. they go as far as indy to stink up things. next step... the windy city - big time now!!

Keeping an eye on "Brob" said...

Another get rich quick plan being Promoted by Preacher Brob, on Twitter ?

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Anonymous said...

Re: Dimitri's Restaurant Review

Columbuzz allows more lies and trash to be published on their unethical and unprofessional website.

Bob 'Psycho' Freeman says:

"Well, Linda and Danny, my entire family loved your place. We probably averaged 10-15 meals a year there the entire time you were here in Columbus."

Now we know why they left Columbus.
Bob taints everything he touches.

"We are at the Covered Bridge Festival right now and have plans to stop on our way home. THEN, you will get a proper restaurant review."

Because everything Bob Freeman says is FACT!
LOL Dumbass.

"I asked your husband a few weeks before you closed if you were moving or if the Indy store was to be a second restaurant. I thought he said the plan was to have them both so I was surprised you closed Columbus."

The Great Bob Freeman gets it wrong AGAIN!!

"But I understand."

This is why you always GET THINGS WRONG!!

Bob Freeman is an idiotic moron who should be under constant supervision or professional care...or in custody.

Anonymous said...

If there were doubts before, there are none now on who Redbud is. (At least from some of the LUnaCY spouted.

Dude said...

Bob wrote:
"We still have shocking news, bad trustees, and other officeholders to get out."

Good luck with that.

"Some of them even have relatives from out of state that defend them no matter what and that just makes us want to look closer to find out why."

Good luck with that too.

"Sometimes nephews with big mouths try to help but actually make matters worse."


"So no, I have no intention of going anywhere. Too much truth we still need to expose."

I think you meant to say lies and rumors.

Anonymous said...

Person stabbed or shot in Bloomfield apts, police searching 4 weapon... again

Anonymous said...

I think Lucy is there twice now as herself and redbud. She seems to not think things through. She says that argues that Brown is using the mayor's job as a stepping stone when Brown has had higher paying jobs. A stepping stone to what?

She says Scalf is doing it to help when it pays a lot more money than any other job she has had. How does this make sense?

Columbuzz is still having their traffic from the URL forwarded to their Facebook page if you try to go there. Either they have overlooked it or are trying to stay better hidden.

Anonymous said...

Lucy is at it again (as Redbud). She doesn't seem to think things through. I will only deal with a couple of things at this moment.

If Scalf is helping people (which she does do) because she is so great, then why is she running for mayor? Will she continue helping them? NO (at least not nearly as much) because she will be mayor. THAT seems more like a person who is the one going after the job for selfish reasons.

IF and I say IF, Brown came back into town because of ailing parents, is that not a good reason? Does that diminish her motivation in becoming mayor? No. She could still care about her hometown and want to improve things. In fact, if she and her parents live here that would give her extra incentive to make this place a better place.

She acts like an education is a bad thing when in reality she has often mentioned her own education in Bloomington and how important it is. Now, however, she acts like it is a bad thing. Which is it, Lucy.

She also acts like Brown should have known about the bad things going on even though it was a different department in a huge company and I believe in a totally different state. Okay, Lucy. Why didn't you know the bad things your son was doing and why could you not control him? You couldn't even do it within your own house let alone in another state. If you can use that form of measurement and expectation on Brown, then it shall be used on you.

Anonymous said...

Kristen Brown will lead Columbus as its first woman mayor


Anonymous said...

well now that the elections are over i wonder what or who the foobs shall attack. speed bumps at bad heights? turn lanes 3 inches too short? timing between traffic lights? brand of weed eaters used by the sheriffs department work crews being too dangerous? soo many things that cause danger to us citizens that need their protection. gasp! what to do?

Anonymous said...

Lucy/Redbud is posting with her real name now.
Of course it is Scalf's advisers' fault, not Scalf and of course Brown only won because of clueless people voting straight ticket. But they can't explain why Armstrong won by such huge margins for so long, why the third district won as Democrat for so long.

Of course some people vote straight ticket no matter the candidates. However, there are various reasons this can happen. There are ideological differences between parties. Some simply don't know the candidates. Others do out of allegiance to their preferred party. The Dems do the same thing. Sure there might be less Dems than Republicans who do this, but there are less Dems than Republicans in our city to begin with.

Dude said...

"and of course Brown only won because of clueless people voting straight ticket."

Must be a common delusion for Columbus Democrats on why they lose elections. Bob still thinks that's why he lost. I would guess that the reason they desperately hold on to this delusion is because it allows them to remain in denial over their own incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dude has finally come out of retirement!

Anonymous said...

Sound familiar?

Jed I. Knight said...

"well now that the elections are over i wonder what or who the foobs shall attack. soo many things that cause danger to us citizens that need their protection. gasp! what to do?"

If they begin to look for additional 'staff' members for their amateurish, tabloid-like, incompetent website, that cry-baby, rule-breaking, too lazy to roll his toter to a more appropriate location, bleeding heart, Skipper, or Kipper, or whatever his name is, appears to be the perfect candidate for their agendized nonsense.

And Bob...just because you're in your vehicle at a red light doesn't mean people can't see you digging for gold in your nostrils.
Too bad I didn't get a video of that.
That visual inspection of your finger afterwards, was the funny part.
Maybe next time.

NOTE: For those of you who may happen to be in a position for a Freeman handshake...I would advise that you have a readily available supply of Wet Wipes.

Anonymous said...

New Munch Club! Get Recipes and Make Money!

Every time Bob Freeman falls for one of these obvious scams, he tries to suck others into it.

When will he learn that most people are not as stupid as he?

Conrad Holton said...

This guy looks familiar .

Anonymous said...

Even more incorrect information from Bob 'The Idiot' Freeman's website....

"Whoo Hoo! Tony won another race, this time it is his third win since becoming an owner/driver, his last win was in 2005."

Not his third win ('Tony won another race'), but his third Cup Title.
And this will be his FIRST Cup Title since becoming an owner/driver; his third Cup Title overall.

And to answer Columbuzz's silly question of who would want another parade, regarding one for Stewart....his many local fans, that's who.

Some (Bob Freeman) just can't stand to see others succeed when failure is rampant in their own life.

Anonymous said...

But it isn't a ponzi scheme because you get something for it (recipes). Well, that is what he and his brother said the last time they tried a scam with recipes.

Keeping an eye on "Brob" said...

From the Buzzards Website
Ole Sh*tlock - Trying to stir up trouble again.

Dude said...

"From the Buzzards Website
Trying to stir up trouble again."

And what a lame attempt to stir up trouble. Yawn. Will Bob ever grow up?

Mercman said...

"Yawn. Will Bob ever grow up?"

I have been watching that moron for years.
I assure you...Bob reached his maximum level of intelligence, competency, and maturity long ago.

Anonymous said...

“I know you're upset right now, because you got caught. But you might want to stop and think before you run your pie hole anymore. Before this can of worms explodes......”
Ah, typical Bob, acting like he has a little compassion for another human being and then bam, back to normal with threats and warnings.

“And trust me, you don't have to ask for us to reply. You send us a text we didn't ask you for, and then your threaten us with harrassment when we reply? Wow. A bit one-sided, isn't it?”
Not surprising Bob would not understand the issue with this. It appears Scott sent 1 text which opened the flood gates because Columbuzz can send as many as they like now. They reply in one text and do not get a response so why not send a few more, all within 5 minutes. Just b/c they have no lives except for stirring up trouble does not mean everyone else should just deal with it.

Good ol’ Bob, wondered who would be the next victim of his bullying ways.


Dude said...

Looks like Bob is getting his panties in a bunch again.

Anonymous said...

Columbuzz: I am sorry Scott, if you wasn't a city employee and a city employee wasn't upset it wouldn't have made it on. I am sure you could take your guns back. 7:15 PM

Incorrect grammar from an undereducated dunce.
The trademark of Nathan Wiley a.k.a. Jeremy Kirtz.

Willie R. Wontey said...


He will single-handedly expose every last hypocritical, law-breaking sinner there is!

"It takes one to know one."

Anonymous said...

Don't let Bob 'Deputy Fife' Freeman catch you jaywalking.

Dude said...

Is Bob talking about himself with this statement?

"A snake can gain more victims if the victims think he is a kitten. And some snakes can purr and meow very convincingly."

Dude said...

"Don't let Bob 'Deputy Fife' Freeman catch you jaywalking."

Maybe Scott should ask Bob about those odometer tampering devices he was trying to sell on the Internet. I guess in Bob's world, jaywalking is evil and odometer tampering is no big deal.

Dude said...

Bob wrote:
"And yes, we know what slander means."

You still don't have a clue Bob.

"Slander and libel both come in to play when people can't admit to what's being said about them."

Wrong again Bob. Libel comes into play when someone publicly writes malicious lies about someone else. Looks like Bob still believes he's above the law.

"They simply file stupid lawsuits to distract from the truth."

Sure Bob, whatever. I guess that's why you settled out of court.

"Some stay drunk and let their sons and nephews attack those they are suing."

What are you implying here Bob? More libel?

Dude said...

Bob desperately needs to read this:

First Amendment Law

George Gurble said...

Play-like News Advertising

George Gurble said...

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Anonymous said...


Alexa doesn't rank clearly, it ranks based on age of domain name which was founded 2 years ago. Columbuzz has been online for over 7 years. If Columbuzz made any money from advertising it would exceed $272, and is worth more upwards $7,000 USD.

Dude said...

Jeremy, you're delusional if you think columbuzz is worth $7,000.

George Gurble said...

Updated 01/27/2012 - 12:15 AM

Worth less now and has dropped 700k spots in Alexa Rankings is ranked #2,206,201 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings and 2 out of 10 according to Google Pagerank. The site was founded 2 years ago. has the potential to earn $194 USD in advertisement revenue per year. If the site was up for sale, it would be worth approximately $1,360 USD. is rated 1.0 out of 5.0 by StuffGate.

Downsouth Joe said...

The Bankruptcy Queen's supporters continue to gather at the Buzzard web site and P*ss & Moan about and post cheap-shot comments directed at the new mayor.

But then again such can pretty much be expected from many of the under achieving losers that routinely visit and post there.

Dude said...

Uh, oh. Looks like Bob is getting spun up again. I might have to come out of semi-retirement soon.

Dude said...

Some funny quotes from the illiterates at columbuzz:

"While the word 'Evicted' is harsh, it ultimately means the same thing but in a more effective approach to gain attention to the fact we need to HELP the Cheer Fund if the City won't."

"We was then attacked the next day and labeled 'Rumor-Mongols' on WCSI 1010 website."

"Thanks for visiting Phil, always good to read your incite."

Dude said...

Hilarious quote from Bob on columbuzz:

"Truth comes out from all sides of my mouth because all I say is truth."

Watchin Bob-Again said...

Obviously not the smartest bunch of pups that operate and/or belong to the Columbuzz Gang.

Anonymous said...

Bob's definition of truth is what he thinks is true or will be true. Was it true when he talked about winning the lawsuit? About 09/11 being an inside job? About his winning the elections?

Dude said...

One of the many reasons why columbuzz will never be taken seriously:

Bob Freeman wrote on columbuzz:
"We delete stupid, nasty, and name-calling comments. Unless we make them."

Anonymous said...

I find it quite ironic that they are dissing the mayor for deleting comments and them from her Facebook when they do the same thing on their site. Hypocritical much?

Anonymous said...

“Slander and libel both come in to play when people can't admit to what's being said about them. They simply file stupid lawsuits to distract from the truth.”

Bob wrote this in an article on 12/16/11. And he has the nerve to call lawsuits stupid……


Anonymous said...

“show us proof that we have posted wrong information. Then we will take it down.”
Another good one from Bob. Yes, show them proof because they don’t care if they write the truth in the beginning. They just want to stir up crap on their crapsite to try and get readers b/c they can’t get them through legitimate ways.


NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc said...

Columbuzz is less than a joke at times than it has been, but still has some dimwits (including some staff).

1. Transparency. Kristen Brown promised more than we had seen. I think she has delivered that. What do they expect her to waste time clearing every decision and telling how she arrived at every decision with every person? Puhleaze. Is she supposed to have webcams installed in the restroom so people can see how often she goes, how long she stays there, what business she does, the condition of her bowels and how much TP she uses? Face it, some are prejudiced against her because an R followed her name, some because she isn't Fred and some because she isn't Priscilla. Sour grapes indeed.

2. I would rather she actually get work done than make token appearances. Granted, some degree of hobnobbing unfortunately seems necessary, sometimes the mayor's appearance can be encouraging, supportive or give weight to causes, I get that. Nonetheless, when taking on a new job, trying to establish things, or trying to save money, sacrifices may be made. She also deserves days off. How many of the complainers would go to job-related functions on their days or holidays off? During a three day weekend? Whine, whine, whine.

3. Some complain that she knew she was appointed and count the time between then and now as work time. Well, first of all she spent a long time campaigning with no money and no guarantee of getting the job. Is she not allowed a little time to catch her breath before starting the job. They have no idea how much thought or planning she did during that time anyhow. I for one in my position knows how impossible it is to please employees and people who want to tell you how to do your job. She has talked with staff about appointments and didn't have to. Maybe down the line she will see how impossible it is to please everyone and let everyone have input and stop doing so, but for now has show the desire to give people a voice.

4. I liked Fred personally and knew him through a child, but as time went on I feel that he made some poor decisions for Columbus. The jury is still out on Kristen, but she has done some good things and perhaps made some missteps. However, she is new. Give her a break. Even with her education (which apparently is a sore spot to some who are likely jealous and possibly can't even spell jealous) starting any new job no matter the experience or education will take at least a little training. I have to give Bob credit for giving her a chance and even Paula is cutting her a little slack in places (but still has to nag, nag, nag on the appearances and a few other things).

5. I do have to give a shout out to Paula for speaking her mind even against the mod/s. You go, girl! Call them on their crap.

6. Hypocrisy of the mod/s. We can call you names and ridicule you, but you can't us. We can delete your comments or cut off access (even though we tout expression for everyone), but if Kristen does to us after we post a bunch of rumors, gossip and crap we will blast her for it. You are guilty here until you prove yourself innocent and even then we might keep the story up. After all, we keep up the Columbus things up even though Ricky has asked repeatedly for them to be taken down. However, you use even just our logo in a post and we will move heaven and earth to get you to take it down.

7 Nathan...I mean Joanna and / or Jeremy really needs to learn how to spell.

8. ROFL about WCSI and others putting Columbuzz in its place as being what it is, a bunch of gossip and half truths at best.

9. Has anyone else noticed Missy's absence there? I guess their finally turning on her with the article about the accident might have caught up with them. For that matter, I don't really see the folks from Milestone there much anymore either.

Dude said...

Wow, NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc, your comment was posted to columbuzz! And without an anus pic! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bob screwed up again by throwing out the original picture with the last hard-drive he had to destroy.

Dude said...

I always find it funny when columbuzz brags about their readership. Here's some perspective:

Population of Bartholomew County: 76,794
Population of Columbus: 44,061
Number of columbuzz likes on facebook: 741

Carmen Gidditt said...

Probably 500 of those facebook 'likes' are from Jeremy, Nathan, Columbus Man, etc.
Same person using different names.

I mean who could like that site?

They can't spell, they can't form proper sentence structure, they don't write as if they ever had any education in grammar, they publish gossip and lies as 'truth' and 'proof'.....

...and many of their commenters are the same.

The same kind of stuff that one might find from a group of children's clubhouse journalism activities.

Dude said...

I'm not sure why Phil is wasting his time debating "Politics 101" on columbuzz. It's obvious that "Politics 101" is just another mindless Bobobot.

Holy Crowell said...

Could Politics 101 in reality be the most recent ID for Bob's special buddy Max ?

Dude said...

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"When will we stop electing these losers?"

Thank God the biggest loser of all time is 0-5 in elections.

Anonymous said...

Politics 101 is not Bob.

George Gurble said...

Bob doesn't seem to have much time these days to post his same ole worn out BS on the Columbuzzard's play-like news-site.

Could it be that he finds spending time with his girlfriends at the Fat Farm Annex to be more exciting than Trustee Bashing and possibly too, with much better results.

Sister Mary Elephant said...

Message for Bob:

It's the ones who DO NOT get elected who are the losers.
The elected candidate is the WINNER.

Did you fall asleep during your semester in Kindergarten?

Anonymous said...

How many 'LIKES' does this hole ever get?

Laughin at Columbuzz said...

From the Buzzard's Web page !!

Dude said...

Hi Bob!

Laughin at Columbuzz said...

Coumbuzz, On line competition for The Republic, So "they" say, Of course not !!

Rankings - 02/20/2012
Alexa 2,456,809
PR 0
Value $1,221
Alexa 34,684
PR 6
Value $86,495

Anonymous said...

Competition in Columbus, not online. Columbuzz usually scoops the republic.

Dude said...

I see you're still delusional Bob.

Rapid Ralph said...

"Columbuzz usually scoops the republic."

Appears Bobby may have been sniffing the furniture polish again.

Scoopy said...

Bob sniffs alright...if Nathan Wiley stopped suddenly, Bob could tell Nathan what he had for breakfast that day.

Dude said...

Another lie from Bob:
"We welcome disagreements."

Laughed at this quote:
"It tends to make us look smarter."

Bob, nothing could make you look smarter.

Anonymous said...

Everyone...EVERYONE who knows Columbuzz knows that NATHAN WILEY is JEREMY KURTZ. It is hardly a secret when you see ole fatso taking pictures and posting them and then commenting as Jeremy. Jeremy is probably his gay alter-ego. (No offense to gays intended)

Anonymous said...

Why, thank you Dude.

Dude said...

You're welcome Bob, but I think you're taking my statement the wrong way. Just to be clear, you're one of the most ignorant people I've ever encountered on the Internet, but you probably already know that.

Anonymous said...


You've misspelled my name it isn't spelled that way, it's Kirtz. I don't know who fatso is and as for Nathan Wiley that isn't my issue nor my name.

Dude said...

So "Jeremy", are you working at Cummins now?

Anonymous said...

U like that, I can also hide or mask my ip.

Anonymous said...

Or spoof

Dude said...

"U like that, I can also hide or mask my ip. Or spoof."

"Jeremy", are you lying again?

Rapid Roy said...

Sure thing Nathan !!

Dude said...

Which is more implausible?

Cummins actually hired Jeremy or Jeremy knows how to spoof his IP

Tough one.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's your opinion. You're entitled to that.

I disagree.

Apparently you don't read much.....

Dude said...

I read plenty, stuff that you wouldn't comprehend. BTW, I have provided many examples of your vast ignorance on my blog. What do you have to counter that?

Dude said...

Bob wrote:
"We ARE shameless and self-promoting."

Only narcissists like Bob would be proud of being shameless and self-promoting.

Dude said...

Admin wrote on columbuzz:
"You call it shameless but we call it good for business. You see we thrive off visitor traffic and anyone using any search engine that links to us is a success. So this topic and article will bring in those who "stumble" onto Columbuzz."

Good for business? I thought they didn't make any money from advertising.

Anonymous said...

It's called Vidalia/Tor and I have used it on YOU plenty of times Nathan!

Laughin @ Columbuzz said...

Another scoop for Bob, Nathan and the Columbuzz Bozo News Team as they have sniffed out yet another major local news story, " Mold found in L***** C****** Bread Stick. "

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder if they have something against said restaurant. This would be at least the third thing written about them unless what you are referring to was the previous thing written a week or two ago. There was the thing about credit cards and refunds, something a few weeks ago about an object being found in a breadstick and now maybe this.

One has to wonder if they turned down Columbuzz for advertising or maybe they fired some hack who couldn't even handle working for them and not revenge is being served in a dish.

Anonymous said...

*That should have been now revenge is being served in a dish.

Dude said...

Federal agents searching STAT Ambulance office


Dude said...

So where was the scoop from columbuzz on the STAT story? Shouldn't Bob have inside information concerning STAT? Or is it just business as usual at columbuzz (selective "whistle blowing")?

Anonymous said...

Sure don't hear Nathan Wiley denying that he is Jeremy Kirtz, only Jeremy denying that he is Nathan Wiley! That pretty much says it all.

Anonymous said...

The Feds don't get arbitrary search warrants without a reason. While we don't know for sure what is up at Stat, these cases across the country generally involve healthcare fraud and illegally billing of medicare and medicaid.


Dude said...

Actually, from my understanding, Tor can be used to "hide" your IP, but not spoof it. "Jeremy" is claiming that he can spoof his IP, which means he can impersonate another computer system (like Cummins). My access logs show that he is most likely lying and that he was actually accessing my blog from Cummins. Maybe one of his parents works there and it was bring your kid to work day.