Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Columbus Man vs. Columbus Man 2.0

Columbus Man #1:
"we have a presence, and if it is a negative one then step up and share some good things."
"Only we can change the negative but (by) sharing the good"

Columbus Man #2:
"I wish we had more onions coming in... we wouldn't censor them"


Dude said...

From columbuzz:
"We asked Mayor Fred, and of course no comment was rendered."

"We asked Kristen Brown to comment, she ignored us..."

"We asked Brenda Sullivan... ignored..."

"We asked Steve Brown... who works at Walmart 46 in the dairy department, again ignored"

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Anonymous said...

Here's a gem:

"We hear that "threat" I'm gonna post on Columbuzz more often today, and it seems to work. Thanks for your continued support, without you and others, we would be alone."

I deal with local businesses on a daily basis. None of them have even HEARD of Columbuzz, yet Columbusman thinks his site is feared by evildoers? LOL

Dude said...

Here's another one:
"I try to be in my opinion, respectful, fair, and understanding"

Dude said...

Evildoers like those who sell "funky" tasting ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Or those who give away moldy bread.

Dude said...

"The school system fails our children everyday and some teachers think it's the child's fault they don't understand when it is the teachers methods of teaching."

Hey CM, don't blame your teachers for your illiteracy and poor math skills. Some people just don't get it, and you probably fall into that category. I'll bet you were every teacher's worst nightmare when you were in school.

Anonymous said...

Kramer's is now advertising on that scum site.
Go to Kramer's Facebook page to express your opinion.

Dude said...

CM is still a moron:


Dude said...

Probably another lie from CM:
"I'm sorry we had not been in touch, I had asked another admin to contact you and get your story. I've been very busy."

Anonymous said...

CM says that they don't have time to edit the pieces submitted there. I don't think the time it takes editing is the issue as much as the fact they don't know proper grammar and spelling themselves. This is evident not only by their own stories and posts, but the headlines themselves.

Secondly, from the looks of the errors themselves, it sure looks like they write a bunch of the stories themselves. Well, that many of the people who submit things are all uneducated people with low IQs.

Dude said...

More illiteracy from CM:
"So the point is, be more be desecrate when you decide you need to stop and pee all over the local bush like an animal. If you see something, send it too us, anything goes on Columbuzz!"

Anonymous said...

I suppose one is desecrating the bush when one pees on it, but I don't think that it what he meant. :D

Dude said...

Great comment from Josh McKenna:

"Why should he contact you... who are you? What makes you more or less reputable than CPD or the Republic? You're a troll with a video camera on the dashboard of your car, second-guessing the actions of everyone you see... Coomer gets to make his argument in court, before a judge... the report said the man concealed his hands - this justifies a drawing of the officers sidearm. When he revealed his hands as empty, but began to "act agressively" the officer responded in kind by putting his firearm AWAY and bringing about an end to the situation with the application of non-lethal force in response to aggression directed at him. End of ... story... As I read it, the Republic reported the facts they had in front of them... you, on the other hand, made an editorial second-guess about what happened without being there in a veiled attempt to bash the police. I'm not so stupid that I don't see what you're doing. Have they (the police) acted inappropriately in other situations? Sure - does that mean they act inappropriately in ALL situations? Certainly not. You, however, take it upon yourself to be the judge of all that occurs - and without facts to back up your assertions, you're no better than the other media you judge."

Dude said...

Unofficial Editor wrote on columbuzz:
"Next time I urinate near '11st' between Franklin and Lafayette, I'll make sure I'm a little more 'desecrate'!!!"

"We are told the person who it might be seen behind the bush is named..."

Went right over the admin's head! Plus, the admin responds with more illiteracy.

Dude said...

Angela wrote on columbuzz:
"Photo does not clearly show man exposed or urinating. He may be, but whatever is happening is hidden from view, and it appears he has a lookout to warn if anybody may be approaching, so as to protect their virgin eyeballs. Sometimes you just gotta go.

Too many people are camera-happy, and too many people are concerned about posting people's names on the Internet.
Get a life, Columbuzz. Why do you allow such utter nonsense to be posted here?

It's too bad the Admin of this site will not reveal their identity. I would like to follow them around all day and photograph their every move. Sometimes it takes the shoe being on the other foot for realization to set in."


Chandler Bing said...

Could the editors BE anymore clueless?

Dude said...

And another lie from columbuzz:
"The was more about educating those about the nudity law"

Anonymous said...

"The was more about educating those about the nudity law"

Doesn't compute. Photos and actual names given say that it WAS MORE ABOUT something else.