Monday, June 4, 2012

Public Service Announcement

Chris Imel, Realtor at Real Living Team Advantage Columbus and columbuzz advertiser, enjoys the attacks and gossip on columbuzz.  He probably won't care about the attacks until it affects him or his family or friends.  Would you really want someone like that as your Realtor?  I know I wouldn't.


Anonymous said...

I have a house that I will be putting up for sale in the near future.
I will not go to Chris Imel or the company he works for.

Dude said...

Admin wrote on columbuzz:
"Not to boast about not being a Bona Fide media source, but so far this year we've had 103,866 visits compared to last years visits of 52,564.

I would have to disagree, we have a presence, and if it is a negative one then step up and share some good things. It is information like this article which provides help so people can make an informed decision or choice on how they want and how to proceed."


Anonymous said...

Columbusman is searching for his 15 minutes of fame, and truly believes that he has it, or will get it.
The only time he will get, is for defamation of character.

Dude said...

Great comments from Angie on columbuzz:
"I wouldn't answer any questions from some wannabe from Columbuzz either.

Columbuzz is not a bonafide media source, and the operators of Columbuzz have NO credentials to be qualified to ask such questions and expect them to be replied to.

Why is this site trying to build a reputation by bashing everyone?"

"Hey, you know there are a lot of porn sites that get tons of traffic, but that doesn't mean they are a Bona Fide news media source. Your traffic doesn't qualify you as anything but a place that some people go to. Freak shows get a lot of traffic too, as do train wrecks.
A high amount of Web traffic can be the result of many things.
You put waaaaaay to much value in that misleading, and non-significant statistic.
Just because you pay to have a website called, and you are the Administrator, does not mean that you are Walter Cronkhite, and people are required to answer your questions, as if you have some kind of special privilege or genuine press authority.
I think you're hooked on dreamcicles.
This site can be interesting, funny, and sometimes informative, but I would never rely on it for facts, truth, or professionalism.
I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but as they is what it is."

"I can't agree with your comment regarding this site until it stops publishing word of mouth, heresay, gossip, rumor, and unsubstantiated information.
Consistency of fact will make this site credible. Until then, the reader does not know what to believe and what to discount."

Anonymous said...

with Chris Imel thriving on a gossip site for his advertising, i doubt he would be legit when selling a home