Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bob vs. Bob 31.0

Bob #1:
"All articles are factual."
"Facts were always posted."

Bob #2:
"He told me that he was a good friend of Fred Barkes and that some of what I wrote about him simply wasn't true... The fact that some of my terminolgy then actually required a conviction says he is right."

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Anonymous said...

“Besides, we are all victims when someone breaks the law and violates the privacy of people they are sworn to protect.
The problem exists.
The evidence is there.
It doesn't matter who brings the issue to light. As long as the authorities are aware. “

Oh, those with glass houses….while Bob may not have sworn to protect people, we know he DID look through and take pictures of files containing personal information and post some of those pictures on the internet! Who knows how many pictures he actually took and might have with information like social security numbers, addresses and all kinds of other personal info. This is the person these “victims” have turned to and now trust? Watch out “Ladies” he has a proven history on turning on his so called friends when they disagree with him. There are many different avenues for help, but Bob Freeman and Columbuzz should never be one of them.