Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hypocritical Much?

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"You're guessing and assuming the wrong things and you attack them because of what you wrongly perceive.  You are wrong, you are wrong, you are wrong."

Um, Bob, you do this all the time.  Hypocritical much?

"I simply asked people not to attack my friends. That's 'making a mess'of this website?"

What if someone wants to blow the whistle on one of your friends?  Are all of your friends perfect?  I guess they get a free pass from you no matter what they do.  And yes, columbuzz is a mess because of you, Jeremy, and Joanna.

"I am sick and tired of having this conversation over and over with you. DROP IT OR I START DELETING YOUR COMMENTS.... UNDERSTAND? Your demand to keep running your mouth because of your freedom of speech is really getting under my skin and is interfering with my right to help protect victims of a jerk people call a doctor. This is my last word on attacking the victims. Any further discussion about how wrong it is or how bad they are will be deleted.  Try me!"

The all powerful, narcissistic, megalomaniac Oz Freeman has spoken!

"It isn't an inability to keep my personal feelings in check."

Yes it is.


Dude said...

Paula wrote on columbuzz:
"Are all the admins on this site free from any skeletons in your closet?? If you do have "secrets," then how can you judge someone else??"

Hey Paula, if you have any dirt on Bob, you can post it here on my blog. I promise I won't delete your comments.

Holy Crowel said...

Oz's Homeplace and More


History Professor said...

Paula has a history of getting her panties in a bunch and lashing out with everything she's got. However, in this case and in the Krap situation, she is pretty much dead on.

Dude said...

Bob is still delusional:
"That's because the truth we find IS trash. Trash that some people don't want made public, because it IS trash.

Columbuzz.net exists for the sole purpose of exposing that trash.

Apparently we are doing a good job.....

Any personal destruction caused by the truth should be blamed on those creating that truth.

If it's bad and you don't want people to know you do it, don't do it."

Anonymous said...

“If he did something he shouldn't have, shouldn't we know about it?”

Bob – as a new Christian, you should discuss this nasty desire of yours to get dirt on others with a pastor. Here is a verse you may wish to discuss more in depth: A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish. Prov 19:9
You should not try to be a detective, jury and judge against everyone you hear gossip about. If something is going on, the people involved and that actually know something should take it to the proper people, not a trash website that admits they write trash.


Anonymous said...

it seems as the buzz has become more and more rumor based site lately, with the admins even bragging of it. I could see the tilted lasts from time to time due to local politics, but it has become insane lately, and yet there is now a new advertiser, Chris Imel, and his Realtor abilities.... if supporting that site I have reservations of his honesty selling homes.

Anonymous said...

I see that Paula continues to visit, and leave comments on Columbuzz, as if they didn't treat her like dirt.
Some never learn.

Oh, and Bella Pizza closing?
Could it have anything to do with that horrible picture of the anus that Bob posted along side of their logo?
One wonders.

Bob Freeman said...

This speaks of lies. I haven't lied and you haven't shown one time where I have.

EVERY statement I made was true and/or my opinion.

Denying what is said doesn't make it a lie.

Now I stop reporting it. Now we give it to the authorities first.

But we still root out the bad guys.

Watch what is about to happen to Dr. Young. The state is all over this case.

Dude said...

When you're a proven liar, people won't ever know if you're telling the truth or not.

Bob Freeman said...

Prove the lies you say I told. Prove one.

Show ONE.....

NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc said...

Bob, when will you ever learn that just because someone tells you something, and maybe show you circumstantial evidence, or you just have a feeling it is true, doesn't make it truth? When will you learn opinions aren't truth? Some opinions can be true, but not all.

Also, saying someone tells you something although technically true, is still gossip because you are putting the suspicion out there for people to believe just by spouting it off. I am sure you would be really mad if someone told me your wife was sleeping around on you and I told someone I had been told that. Of course I am not saying it is true, but just ask yourself if it would bother you or not even if I were technically telling the truth by saying someone had told me that (if someone told me that for whatever reason be it to get at you, her or whatever). I am using your wife because you seem to love her and that is to show you how damaging your putting these things out there can be to people or their loved ones.

As far as lies, a person can tell a lie and not mean to. They can tell something they think is true or not, and if it isn't true, it is a lie. I can believe I am the sexiest man in the world and tell everyone, but I would be lying. I could think Fred Armstrong knew what was going on at Stat (I don't) and say he did, but if he didn't (and I hope he didn't) I would be wrong.

Speaking of that, why are you showing such differences in how you treat your friends on the Buzz and others? You wanted to wait and see about Stat and only posted what you pretty much knew. You have let Fred ride for years. If Fred Barkes (whom I have never met and know next to nothing about) had been working at a place that was in the trouble stat was, but run by Republicans you would have convicted him as guilty long before now. You let the women who were supposedly wronged by Dr Young (and maybe were I don't know) make their accusations, and let others comment badly of other people and in fact join in, but will not let people say that the women shouldn't have slept with a married man (which is true). That doesn't dismiss what he did wrongly (if he did) or even intimate they had it coming to them, but they did do wrong. Most probably knew he was married or at least only thought he was separated before they slept with him (if they did). Even if they found out later, they should have stopped. Besides, they don't have to stop and read the comments if they don't want to see people share opinions on them they don't like. Furthermore, you involved the Doctor's wife and their home when you wouldn't want that done to you.

Dude said...

Lies From Bob Freeman

"He (the police officer) agreed that crap on (Dude's) website was bringing about my posting of the information I have posted and that the best solution for her would be to get her husband to stop his nonsense."

"I told him (the police officer) I can't even post on your husbands crappy website. I haven't been able to for months."

"I stated earlier that I have people in my family with drug issues and I wouldn't comment on a son having a drug issue. No parent can stop that in this day and age."

"I do NOT Own Columbuzz.net."

"It isn't my website"

"We protect the privacy of those who post here."

"I broke no laws with the odometer deal."

"I thought his name was Opie."

"I don't lie."

Dude said...

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"I don't lie."

Herman wrote on my blog:
"I've seen nothing Bob has said that you have proven to be a lie. You repeatedly call him a liar but have not proven one lie. Not one."

Joanna wrote on my blog:
"Then show one lie since they are so plentiful."

I love a challenge, so here's your proof:

Let the record show that on Dec. 5, 2010, Mr. Bob Freeman wrote an email to Mr. Dude that stated the following:
"I would guess it was more like 10 years ago. It was when I was still working at the Franklin plant and that was 9 years ago. An ex Franklin cop, one of our drivers, is the one that told me it was illegal and he brought me the same legal stuff posted at your site. That website you found the ad was one place I advertised."

Since the law states, and I quote, "A person may not advertise for sale, sell, use, install, or have installed, a device that makes an odometer of a motor vehicle register a mileage different from the mileage the vehicle was driven." that means that Bob Freeman knew 10 years ago and was reminded of it again on Dec. 5, 2010 that advertising such a device was illegal.

Also let the record show that Bob Freeman's cohort in crime posted the following on Mr. Dude's blog:
"The first week Bobs friend showed us they were illegal to use, advertise or sell. So we stopped and never sold one. I know because I was the one that soldered them together. Bob simply helped. Ads were made for a few websites and that ad you found must have been overlooked."

So I have established the following:

Bob Freeman knew on Dec. 5, 2010 that advertising the device was illegal.

Bob Freeman and his cohort in crime admitted that they advertised the device on several websites.

An add was found on the internet at GarageSaleHomePage.com still advertising the device as of Dec.4 2010 but was removed soon after by Mr. Freeman.

Bob Freeman wrote on his website columbuzz on January 7, 2011 and I quote, "I broke no laws with the odometer deal." knowing full well that this was a false statement.

Dude said...

Bob wrote on columbuzz: "We protect the privacy of those who post here."

Note he did not write "We protect the privacy of those who post here, except for those I suspect are the infamous Mercman (which, by the way, is everyone who disagrees with me)."

Last September, when columbuzz allowed anyone who created an account to post articles, I posted an article blowing the whistle on columbuzz. My identity was disclosed, even though the website clearly stated "Information about who posts articles will be hidden! This is a public website with no restrictions so post with complete anonymity." Fortunately, I used a fake name since I knew it would happen.

He has also revealed where people work and has publicly identified a poster as Charlie Townsend, who he believes is the infamous Mercman. To "out" Charlie Townsend, one of the moderators at columbuzz searched their log files, found the IP address of the poster who they suspected was Mercman, and then searched the Internet for references to that IP address. Does that sound like protecting the privacy of those who post there? It's just another Bob Freeman lie, one of many.

Dude said...

Proof #3 of a Bob Lie
Bob wrote on columbuzz: "We protect the privacy of those who post here."

Bob spin: "We do protect the privacy of those who post there. We have exposed NOBODY, even when we tried. NO LIE HERE"

If you try to expose someone, you are not protecting their privacy. The fact that you're incompetent doesn't matter. LIE!

Dude said...

Proof #4 of a Bob Lie
Bob wrote on columbuzz: '"I stated earlier that I have people in my family with drug issues and I wouldn't comment on a son having a drug issue. No parent can stop that in this day and age."'

Bob spin: "Couldn’t be any truer. NO LIE HERE."

Direct quote from Bob about the trustee's son: "And people talk about the report of the dope being in the trustee's house as being so long ago. I wonder if he has even gone to court yet. Or served his sentence. Or stopped making or using meth. Eighteen months isn't a very long time for some things. It's a very long time if you're hoping people will forget."

Dude said...

Proof #5 of a Bob Lie
Bob wrote on columbuzz: "But they (Fred and Rodney) deny everything and won't explain anything."


From a previous post on my blog: "The State Board of Accounts audited the office this year for 2008 & 2009. Every penny, in every FUND (5) was accounted for. The discrepancy was caused by missed transferees (every transfer of money required 4 postings and some were missed). The SBA could not identify them and neither could we. If wrongdoing was identified, I would have been arrested, on the spot."

Sounds like an explanation to me, not just a denial. Bob lies again.

Dude said...

So is advertising on columbuzz the kiss of death for a business?