Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Bob Freeman Resigns From Columbuzz

Not sure if this is a good or a bad sign.


Mercman said...

It's probably just a poor attempt on Bob's part to evade any present, or future, lawsuits associated with what's posted on that site.

Personally, I don't believe the story is true.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Bob has a very unique writing style. More like a unique style of childishness put on the internet. (He's lucky there is an internet so people can't see they crayon.) Just like we can tell which comments on this site are Bob's without his name, and we can tell which "articles" on columbuzz are Bob's even after he stopped signing his name, we will be able to tell if he really quit.

His wife probably talked some sense into him and threatened to leave if he gets their house taken away.

I think Dude is largely to thank for this. If its true.

Anonymous said...

Well, the letter sounds sincere, so we shall see. However, I am keeping my eyes opened because more than once in the past he has done such stunts to cover his butt and would post as someone else. But, it really does sound like he means it at that point. Nonetheless, he could just as likely change his mind down the line.

Anonymous said...

He is leaving for his church.

Dude said...

Do you think his church could get Jeremy and Joanna to leave too?