Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Melissa Moore Gets It

Melissa Moore wrote on columbuzz:
"Wow! First of all this site has never just stood up for what was right otherwise half the stuff that is posted on here wouldn't be posted! If we are talking about what is right that is..morally right...!

Yes in my opinion we should not attack the victims..BUT people should not be attacked at all yet this site consistently has allowed that until this instance. So you have completely contradicted yourself and the view this site has portrayed to it's readers day in and day out since its creation.

Furthermore I have no knowledge of these women or the doctor so I obviously have nothing to attack the victims for, however there are always two sides to each story and while these may be true victims in this case no one will never know both sides because you have made it so that anything from the other side will not be brought to lite If there was any I do not know, however I know people will not see it..

I know that if there is any chance that the doctor is being falsely accused (I have no idea if he is or not), it won't come to light here because this site gets emotionally involved with their stories .

Now saying that I think if they are true victims it is great they have a friend to go to. But from a readers point..this is obviously NOT the site that has been in the passed and judging from response others seem to agree so good luck to you all in your new stance."

"So I see brick Layers comments were deleted..not sure why as I didn't see any comments against the women?"


Dude said...

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"Columbuzz.net represents what's right. We live to stop what's wrong."


"We can't do either if we allow idiots to attack victims here for things they don't know or believe."

Hypocrite. Bob is an idiot who attacks people based on things he thinks he knows or believes.

"So, like it or not, fair or unfair, representative of what we stand for or against all of the values of the ACLU, don't attack my friends, the doctors victims, or we delete your posts."

Hypocrite. I guess that's how Bob tries to get new friends. He promises to not attack them on his website.

Dude said...

Paula wrote on columbuzz:
"Melissa, love your posts...two sides to every story. Those women SHOULD know that it's wrong to carry on w a married man. Lets post their pics on here..why not??? this story is very onesided. And it's not an uncommon practice for the admins to delete comments on here. I've seen it happen all the time. Maybe if brick layer asks on here, what happened to my comments, and why they were deleted...he at least deserves an explanation. I didn't see them. But don't be surprised about comments being deleted,,,a common practice despite their claim you can say anything on here...I agree on no name calling, but admins can do that...monster, terrorist were used to describe Young. There is no freedom of speech on this site...."

Harry Grant said...

Aha !! After hundreds of comments Paula has finally put forth and posted a good and quite accurate one.

Anonymous said...

Paula gets it right sometimes, but usually it is only when it is against her or someone she likes or knows like Misty, the Doc, Priscilla etc. Columbuzz does not only delete the opinions about the women they don't like, but about themselves and other things. There is no free expression there. If the women can't stand the heat they should stay out of the kitchen and not read them. If their purpose was to stop Dr. Young, reading the comments is not necessary. If they don't want comments on the stories, they shouldn't post them.

Dude said...

Admin Joanna wrote on columbuzz:
"Paula Jarrett. Wasn't Bob clear enough? He said we would delete attacks on the doctors victims. You had to go and call them names. You had to bring up the same junk about dating a married man. I deleted your post. Keep up your crap and I will ban you.
Are you upset that the doctor didn't ask you out when you worked with him? He does have good taste in women.
And since you like to attack victims how's the Crohn's working for you? How often do you change that bag on your side? What did you do to cause yourself to get that disease? It had to be something you did and you should have known better. Am I right? According to you there are no victims.
One of the victims is my sister. Call her a name again and I will show you how she should react and you won't like it!"

Wanted to preserve this comment just in case it's removed.

Anonymous said...

“It's one thing to call a whore a whore. It's quite another thing to call a woman a whore that you THINK might be a whore, especially when you couldn't be more wrong.”

Bob knows this from personal experience even though when he did it, he was right of course. He was so right that after being called out on it he deleted his post and acted like it never happened. He is THE BEST person to give advice of any kind on how to treat others.

“But a few of these women have become friends of mine and I will not allow them to be attacked on here. Especially for something that just isn't true, no matter what anyone's opinion is.”

Bob the major hypocrite! Since they are Bob’s new friends, no one can say anything against them. Now if for some reason they are not Bob’s friends, they are fair game and King Bob himself will attack them and call them filthy, disgusting names.


Dude said...

Very true. And if they were once Bob's friends and now they aren't because they "crossed" Bob, then watch out!

Anonymous said...

Joanna is complete child. Really? You didn't like her comments b/c your sister was involved with and had an affair with a married man. Lied to or not, mental issues or not, before she is intimate with a man she should take a little time and find out if he is actually divorced. Not hard to do. Then to try and compare Crohn's disease (as if there is a way to prevent it) and a poor decision made by her sister..completely idiotic. That post was an abuse of the power of the admins on that site. Now I see Paula as a victim of Joanna's. As a friend of Bob's, he should not have allowed her to be attacked.

Thanks Bob and Joanna, you have proven yet again that Bob is a hypocrite.
"Delete the nasty posts but don't do to her what you don't want her doing here"
Good job standing up for your friend Bob, or did she disagree with your opinion one too many times?

Dude said...

It seems to me that Joanna is exactly like Bob, a very angry person that blames the world for her problems.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Joanna IS Bob.