Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bob vs "Jeremy" 1.0

Thanks for reading our Tabloid.

I support TRUTH.

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Anonymous said...

Bob: I support the truth.

Bob: ... wasn't even a concern for people to know exact details.

Colubuzz motto: Truth without details, lies without consequence, speculation without honor.

There's a movie (I can't remember the name) with the following quote "Loyalty above all, except honor."

I assume honor comes before loyalty because you can not have loyalty if you have no honor.

That's why I read (to my delight) the sniping and in-fighting between the columbuzz faithful today. There is no honor in the way columbuzz purports itself. Therefore, there will never been any real loyalty between its followers/contributors. Remember Jeremy, Bob had columbuzz transferred to you as soon as the suits and threats of suits came.