Monday, September 12, 2011

Conflict of Interest

"Jeremy" wrote on columbuzz:
'Today we had someone(not part of Columbuzz) post content under Columbus Man profile being mean by leaving a terrible review about Bella Pizza.

We have removed the content and added a better review on Facebook, but before we did we received an email from the Owner of Bella Pizza, Christy Debord,

"I guess I don't understand why you would like Bella Pizza Company and then write that awful recommendation. My logo is all over the Columbuzz website, I have gained several new customers because of my logo being there."

We responded "That recommendation wasn't written by one of Columbuzz staff, the computer was left up (my fault) and a college friend got on and made the stupid remark. I am sorry about that," '

"Jeremy", this is what intelligent people call a conflict of interest.  You can't be a legitimate whistle blowing site and at the same time court advertisers.  What if someone wants to blow the whistle on one of your advertisers?  We've already seen Bob suck up to Baby Back Blues by declaring their evil hot grill safe to the public.


Anonymous said...

on bobs facebook friends list hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Who cares, I tried adding him up and had no luck

Mercman said...

He has been on Bob's Facebook as a friend for quite some time now.

It was another who exposed Jeremy as Nathan, and it was I who discovered Nathan WILEY on Bob's Facebook and, along with corroborating evidence, connected the dots.

Anonymous said...

Shelby won't be happy with Bob. He caused a large concrete spill on 46 by Holiday Inn. Clean up in process now.

Anonymous said...

It's in the middle of the intersection and ruining the road as I type this. ( from a parking lot, not driving)

Anonymous said...

thats a big story! you would think columbuzz would have a story on it

Anonymous said...

That site is such a complete piece of crap. Bob and his band of semi-literate and intellectually-challenged misfits are so concerned about getting sued AGAIN that they don't even bother to add a name or byline to their "articles" and then refers to themselves in the first person - "I approached a stop light today on 46..."

But notice the "articles" they steal (and yes I do mean steal as intellectual property theft is illegal and lifting entire articles and posts from another site without permission goes WAY beyond what constitutes fair use) do include the names of the people being harassed or in some way maligned (again without permission).


Anonymous said...

That is a bogus story posted on Columbuzz. Bob wrote it and posted as though it came from a reader. Notice there isn't one picture of him, and no pictures of them shoveling the mess because he was being made to shovel and couldn't take pictures. Nice fabrication in response to todays initial post here.

Secret Santa said...

Definitions for Columbuzz

1. Mute point = A point not spoken or spoken by someone who is mute.

Secret Santa said...

Make that made by someone who is a mute.

Sh*tlock to the rescue said...


Rest easy Priscilla as Shitlock Holmes is no doubt in the process of rescuing your campaign from these evil doers.

Secret Santa said...

According to Columbuzz:

Lennon's best song: "Image"
Best place to find pictures: "Google Imagine"
Best place to host your pictures; "Imagineshack"

Anonymous said...

Best place to find nitwits, idiots, and mindless zombies: "Columbuzz"

Anonymous said...

Bob doesn't like Priscilla Scalf.
Lucy does.
Maybe that's why Lucy's name is no longer highlighted on Columbuzz, as if she has been expelled as a member.
Or maybe it's just simply because Lucy's opinions lately have opposed those of Columbuzz's staff.

Here is a video of Bob going off on Priscilla Scalf:

The Bob Show Sucked

Scroll down page to "Scalf the Backstabber".

Anonymous said...

In response to an obviously disturbing email columbuzz allegedly received, they (Bob?) said the following:

"You do not have enough intelligence to realize that your threats are called "intimidation" and are ILLEGAL."

--- Does Bob remember his threats to Chris Chambers? That's intimidation and ILLEGAL too. Columbuzz can dish it but they (Bob?) don't seem to take it very well.

"Watch your mouth Brittany or you may be on trial alongside your beloved uncle due to your own illegal activity. It is certain that the police will have a copy of this PUBLIC threat by morning."

--- Bob's never threatened anyone publicly. Just read his quotes on this blog.

"Would you like to meet at the park? Name it."

---Columbuzz advocating a rumble in the park? I witnessed one of those.....when I was 16.

"You look like a idiot by posting these ridiculous fits of rage on a public forum."

--- Bob knows this because of his own "ridiculous fits of rage on a public forum".

Anonymous said...

A conversation between Christina Rice & Daphne Jaeger. A few of bob's new friends. Something bob will never post. I bet he will be surprised on what christina had to say about him and columbuzz.
Christina; Daphne I love you and always will but what you are doing is wrong and I made the decision(no-one else but me) to remove myself as your friend for now. You are easily influenced and you really need to check who your sources are.
Daphne; Crissie I am not doing anything wrong. I am telling the TRUTH. I am seeking God's "truth". If you can turn your back on me, you never loved me.
Daphne; Report I told people I love what I thought they needed to know to help keep them safe.... thats all. That is not WRONG. That is what your "pastor" should have done. Instead he has put all of you in harms way. I pray that someday you will understand. I love you.
Christina; Your gonna believe what you want....and yes sharing details with jenn and mona is wrong and telling them to go to that awful site!!!!! Did you know half the people that wrote on there talked about me as well. Soooo I am questioning your love now.
Christina; They bashed Matt, Me, Nick, Alicia, Erica, Dillon, and many more and had plenty to say about us all. So is all what they said about us true? And not to mention most of them that wrote that awful stuff came from tree of life...
Daphne; I told them that not all of that stuff there was true and to ask me if they had questions. How can you question my love for trying to protect ppl I love and not question the man that cheats on his wife under GODS roof paid for with YOUR tithes? Who tells you he has nothing to hide but forbids you to talk with anyone who leaves?
I hope you will open your eyes and see the truth crissie. I am being open and honest with ppl...I have nothing to hide. There has been enough hiding.
Christina; Its not your place to tell his business and he never told us we couldn't talk to those who recently left. He actually told us during rock room that we are to not make enemies of any of you but I have made the decision on my own right now. You don't have the whole story and you obviously don't care. Jenni is a harlot. She has split 3 churches before ours...ben wanted pastors position and was trying to manipulate his way there and he knew his sister was having the affair the whole time and did nothing to expose it. Ben is still harrassing pastor and trying to still convince pastor he should make him pastor....jenni showed up at church saturday hmmmmm doesn't sound like she is scared of him if you ask me.... we need to protect pastor from her and if ANY OF US were in the right spirit we would have caught it in time... milestone will move forward yes its gonna take time and that is the truth! King david had a man killed so he could have his wife but God still forgave him and restored him and he continued to prosper as a king. pastor will be restored as well....
Daphne; Yes, but don't forget what happened to saul...tim miracle is NO king david.
This was posted to prove that none of these people can make up their minds for themselves. Christina rice has since went on to tear down the very people that she mentioned columbuzz tearing apart. None of these people can be trusted. They are fair weather friends. Now they're all a part of what I like to call "the fake frinds club" They are probably still to this day back stabbing one another and all the while putting on a big smile for each other when they come face to face. Very sad people! These are bobs new found friends. Good luck bob.

Secret Santa said...

Lucy's fall from grace IMHO is when she was upset about the handling of the story of the guy who got ran over by the policeman. She called the writer on it (and rightly so).

Then she got into an argument with Joanna presuming (and quite possibly right) that she had authored the piece. If it weren't Joanna it was probably Jeremy (Nathan) and I am not convinced they aren't the same person.

Lucy also has called them recently on the articles and comments with no names. She is right again. I have said early on the whole thing was that they think if the articles and comments are uncredited, they are off the hook legally. That just isn't so. The sight owner will be held liable. It isn't like they are removed shortly after posting (as in message boards). They are sanctioned by the site owner and remain up when the owner could remove them after discovering them. Not only that, but the people who contribute articles either have special powers to do so, or someone with powers posts them. This makes the owners liable even if they aren't their words and are uncredited.

Secret Santa said...


Secret Santa said...

Money saving wisdom at Columbuzz:

Eating out costs more. Duh, that is often the case since even though they buy at wholesale and in bulk, they have to make enough to pay employees, utilities, real estate and earn a decent profit on top of that.

According to them since Wendy's and others are raising prices, there are more savings eating at home and more reason to. Have they looked at the prices at the grocery lately? Prices have gone up there too. The only true way of determining would see which went up the most and what you can afford. It could be that one or the other has eaten (no pun intended) some of the costs and not raised as much as the other. It sounds like the restaurants have done that at least some. I have no price comparisons at individual stores or grocery items to determine how equitable they are.


There is NO SUCH PERSON as Jeremy Kirtz. The person calling himself Jeremy Kirtz is NATHAN WILEY!

Anonymous said...

"Not only that, but the people who contribute articles either have special powers to do so, or someone with powers posts them. This makes the owners liable"

WRONG! Look it up! Again with Nathan?

Perry Mason said...

"WRONG! Look it up!"

Spoken like a true losing defendant in a law suit.

Anonymous said...

i find it quite interesting that bob is always bashing other democrats, yet runs on their ticket.

Dude said...

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"IN MY OPINION, Christa Acton should never have been put in office. And, more importantly, she should never have been elected back into office. Pam Sample tried to tell everyone how incompetent Christa was when she ran against her last year. But noooo, people wanted to vote for the party instead of the person. So this is what they get."

Well, Pam Sample advertises on columbuzz, so I would question her competence.

Anonymous said...

"Well, Pam Sample advertises on columbuzz, so I would question her competence."

You were right Dude. More conflict of interest from columbuzz. Sample advertises on columbuzz so Bob "blows the whistle" on her political adversary. NOTHING he claims can be trusted.

Carmen Giddit said...

"But noooo, people wanted to vote for the party instead of the person."

Does Bob Freeman have surveillance cameras in voting booths?
Bob does not know this and cannot truthfully say such a thing.
Bob is far from intelligent and proves it each time he speaks.

We all know that 'Democrats' and 'Republicans' have different and opposing ideals and perceptions, so one is not a true party member, and cannot claim to be one, if they are not loyal enough to that party to only vote for that party.

There is nothing at all wrong with voting across party lines, but to do so, and to be so adamant about it, as Bob Freeman is, disqualifies one to objectively claim to be 'a Democrat', or 'a Republican'.

This is typical for Bob Freeman....disloyal, ungenuine, straddle the fence to cover my ass, open my options to complain about whichever side I feel like today.

Bob is only steadfast in his stupidity, lunacy, and crudeness.

Aaron DeTroot said...

Big-Mouthed Nosey-Ass Bob Freeman said this:

"...Christa's smart aleck mouth.
She was nasty and condescending.
She acted like 'that's the way it is whether you like it or not.'"

Bob is too stupid to know that this is an ACCURATE description of his own character and behavior.

" were rude, condescending, and you were a smart aleck!
You acted like everyone in the audience was stupid."

DUMBASS BOB also says:

"I think if you want to know the truth you should look in a mirror."

Funny how the advice he always tries to give is advice that he incapable of, or refuses to do, himself.


Anonymous said...

This sentence from the Columbuzz website is so incorrectly structured, that it makes no logical sense.

"Confusion seems to take place all the time and this site has the most confusion of them all."

Whose trademark is such inadequacy with grammar?
Nathan Wiley - Jeremy - Mr. Inquisitive - Columbus Man


"I would like to clarify, Robert Freeman isn't writing the Priscilla Scalf articles which have been posted.
I have submitted several articles over the last few weeks, and I have seen many people think Robert Freeman is the author.
He isn't and I take full credit for"

- Greg Reynolds
(another fake name)

Bob must be getting worried about things he has already published and can't retract.
I believe he has asked Nathan, his personal dim-witted Patsy, to concoct and/or print a cover story meant to 'clear' Bob.

Too bad their combined imaginations can't ever seem to fool anyone but a few mindless Columbuzz Bots.

As often as they lie, you would think they would get better at it.
I guess their highest level of incompetence has been reached and there ain't no mo' for them to give.

It's pathetic to watch such things from adults who have no awareness of their own lack of ability.

Secret Santa said...

I thought the same thing. How stupid do they think we are? How easy is it to make up a fake name and sign up for an email? Yet, we are supposed to accept it no questions asked.

Perry White, Editor Daily Planet said...

I have been meaning to post this for a while. I should charge for my services. What does Columbuzz need to be a legitimate news source?

1. A huge course in English and Grammar.
2. Laying off the tabloid articles.
3. Verifying facts and getting the other side of the stories.
4. Allowing opinions you don't like.
5. Professionalism in responding to contrary opinions. (i.e. don't argue and call names).

Dude said...

Looks like Bob is desperately trying to get Zwanzigz Pizza back as a columbuzz advertiser.

Crissie Rice said...

Alicia Hill at least I am not scared and can post with dignity and with my own name, try to discredit me all I want but you remember I stand for truth while you are hiding behind a huge fat nest of lies still.

Your two faced, and stir up drama just like the rest get over yourself already. Noone listens or respects you guys anymore so really your attempts are just a big waste of time.

Dude said...

"I stand for truth"

Sounds like Bob, which is not a good thing.

"Your two faced, and stir up drama just like the rest get over yourself already."

You should also tell Bob and columbuzz this.

The Unknown Mercman said...

From Bob's Romper Room Website:

Inspiration: Indiana Code and dedicated to Jasper Jenkins(mercman)

ATTENTION Clay Township

Jasper Jenkins...that's a new one.

Bob must have gotten that information from an email, a phone call, 'we heard', 'someone said', or possibly from a note in a plain brown paper bag, left under a rock, at 5-Fingers Canyon, 25 paces due east of the crooked willow, in exchange for $500 left at the dead drop location.

Anonymous said...

Christina rice has zero dignity!! She was seen at the fair with her ex while her dilusional husband was at work. She posts as "free" on columbuzz and then lies about it! No-one takes YOU seriuosly christina cheater rice!!!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA Chrissy! Doesn't feel so good for someone to post your private conversations does it. You reap what you sow.

Crissie Rice said...

You can post my conversations all day long I really dont care.......My point is you guys are still hiding behind false names claiming false things, your cowards is my point lol so nice try but no.

Your still hiding and trying to make people look bad but in reality its MILESTONE that looks bad so your attempts are still futile. When will you guys give up already??

Dude, this has nothing to do with me being friends with Bob Freeman this is me addressing Alicia Hill. Alicia Hill who thought it would be ok to randomly attack me and write me a mean letter on facebook without anyone saying anything to her, you guys made yourself look bad pint blank period and that why Milestone is no longer around and even if you try to move it out of town it wont succeed.

Oh and BY THE WAY my name is spelled CRISSIE.... learn how to spell.

Dude said...

"Dude, this has nothing to do with me being friends with Bob Freeman"

I realize that, but to me, the fact that you (and Misty) are friends with Bob is very concerning. Hopefully you are trying to convince him to change his ways, but we've been down that road before and each time, the wheels have come off the "Bob Has Changed" bus.

Anonymous said...

pint blank???? You need to learn how to spell. YOU are the one sending bob old rock room lessons so that he can make fun of tim. And he's not even the one who wrote the lessons. Dimwitts! Sounds like you are the one that can't let it go. You are evil and love to stir up trouble.

Crissie Rice said...

Try to change the POINT all you want (I know how to spell point....that my dear is called a mistype) call people evil blah blah blah, try to beat people down with scripture, come up with your own reasoning all you want, fact still remains the same.

Your mad you cant convince people other wise and you never will. Proof is in the outcome, if you guys really were in Gods will you would of succeeded. Nothing anyone said or done could of made Milestone fail, but when your against Gods will everything you do will fail and eventually be destroyed, as this very thing did happen.

I am actually doing better :) but can you say that? And maybe people would let it go if you would let it go as well......just saying, don't tell someone to do something that you wont do yourself.

Perry White, Editor Daily Planet said...

Crissie, I don't know you and have no beef with you, but perhaps you should check your own spelling. You're is a contraction of you are. Your is a pronoun and shows possession. For instance here is an example of the proper usage:
Your association with Bob Freeman might be for noble reasons or might be innocent, but in doing so you're taking a risk. I used to defend him, but then he bit my hand too when he didn't get his way. He went around telling gossip about me with nothing to go on but hunches.

Crissie Rice said...

Perry White- my argument had nothing to do with Bob so what is your point?

Anonymous said...

Columbuzz, dumbing down Columbus one article at a time.

Columnbuzz: "Technology is obtuse to politicians..."

Uhhhh..... that is what the kids call a grammar FAIL! Sounds like someone at the local trash dispersal site was watching "Shawshank Redemption" this weekend. The word obtuse may sound novel and intelligent when used by Andy Dufresne, but you sound like an idiot when its used wrong.

People can be obtuse. (ie. People associated with columbuzz have proven themselves obtuse.) If technology was obtuse it wouldn't be very useful. In that case, why would we want it to be used?

Anonymous said...

I'm not the one fueling the fire on columbuzz YOU ARE. You are the only one I see keeping the drama going. You think it makes you look smart, and you think you are winning popularity points with your friends. I got news for you; you have never looked smart. You act like a child and you need to grow up! All you have done in the last 5 months is stir up trouble and hurt people. People who you once claimed that you loved. The only reason you are bitter is because your husband didn't get to be the praise team leader like he thought. Now your out for blood. It is soooo ridiculous. Move on if your so happy as you claim. Who are you trying to convince with that lie? Happy people don't continue to cause trouble and spread hate everywhere they go. You are sin sick!! Time to open your blind eyes. Everyone is over the nonsence. They are trying to move on but YOU just won't let that happen.

Jeremy said...

Now that is white trash

Crissie Rice said...

yup you got us, we left cause Matt wasn't made praise team leader after 5 yrs. I guess we just figured we waited long enough..... really??

Erica sweet heart is that the story now? You know just like Ben and Carissa really knew about the affair the whole time so they could blackmail Tim into being Senior Pastors????

Come on now, seriously wake up to reality already. Lol I dont have time for these silly accusations that prove nothing.

Anonymous said...

Nobody gives a shit about you guys on this blog. I will say this, though. It sounds like this Miracle fella knew how to get people interested in Jesus. If I knew going to church meant getting laid, I would have started praying years ago!
Take your Columbuzz spillover away.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this whole Milestone white trash fest is pretty boring to watch. Christian hypocrisy is usually entertaining but this is just like 2 high school girls back and forth. Go away.

Anonymous said...

take 3 nails and a hammer, instead of continuing religious squabbles to another site. with religion arguments, no one wins, leave it be.

Here Come Da Judge and he said...

What's worse than White-Trash?

White Trash fighting with each other over the Internet about each others' actions and family, relative to being members of the same church congregation, while quoting Bible scripture.

Like some Redneck soap opera.

Mindless zombies with no direction, no focus, and no identity, whose vision is clouded by the fog of hypocrisy, vanity, and unconscious self-loathing.

I only hope their breeding is kept to a minimum.

Mercman said...

Bob is too quiet.
Pleasant, but ominous.

He must be out shopping for new hard-drives...just in case.

Or maybe he's building a church somewhere.
The Church of Bob with Pastor Bob preaching The Word of Bob.
It features a large collection plate, a huge concrete statue of Bob at the altar, a watertight concrete tank for bobtising Freemanites, and free parking to those with a Columbuzz bumper sticker.

Praise Bob.

Anonymous said...

Just because people have disagreements does not mean that they are white trash! That is a very ignorant and disrespectful statement! I am not white trash. I have a job and I do not live off the government. I live in a house and I am not a reprobate!!!! You sir need to change your attitude!

Anonymous said...

I am not white trash. I have a job and I do not live off the government. I live in a house.

So if you don't have a job, live in an apartment, or mobile home and need help from the government you are white trash?

And you don't need to change your attitude?

Anonymous said...

Well you didn't argue the point about you being about as dramatic as a high school girl. Get a hobby. Understand that sometimes people just don't like you. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

I could care less if someone likes me or not if they have an attitude like yours! Your the one with a screwed up idea of what white trash is. And I'm far from acting like a school girl. I have a right to address someone when they are treating people wrong! Thats what christina rice has been doing. She needed to be told to leave people alone and allow them to go on with their lives in peace.

Crissie Rice said...

oh you told me........I need some aloe now for that sick burn.

Anonymous said...

Language hurts my eyes, at least Columbuzz doesn't have this language. If they do, I haven't see it.

Dude said...

"at least Columbuzz doesn't have this language. If they do, I haven't see it."

Then obviously you've come late to the party.

Roger Ramjet said...

Why don't you girls have a hair pulling contest, or a slap fight, and just be done with it?

Airing your dirty laundry on the Internet, for all to see, is just tasteless, and lacks any class or sophistication.

Anonymous said...

"Priscilla not asking, but recruiting to struggle "we need your help"

Hey Columbuzz....your grade school principal called.
He wants to know why you keep skipping English class.

'...recruiting to struggle'??????

Anonymous said...

From Columbuzz:

Jose on 22 September, 2011 10:05:16
I don't care who you support, this is highly offensive.

Bob Freeman on 22 September, 2011 10:14:41
I agree. We received this as a comment.

In other words, Columbuzz does not allow opposing comments to themselves, but allows comments that they believe are highly offensive, and publishes them as a 'story', thereby endorsing them.

Total lack of scruples.

Inspired by an Informant said...

We received an email today that said
were one in the same.

Anonymous said...

We received an email today that said
were one in the same.

Share the email, because you're wrong.

Dude said...

"Share the email, because you're wrong."

Huh? I'm confused. I thought all anonymous emails were true! And besides, sharing the email might reveal his "source".

Dude said...

Love this quote from columbuzz:
"Bullies are punks with low self esteem that try to make themselves feel better, one day they will get theirs!"

Like Bob, the cyber-bully.

Dude said...

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"I don't know who Columbus Joe is but I'm pretty sure it isn't me."

Pretty sure?!? Maybe Columbus Joe is just one of Bob's many personalities.

Anonymous said...

"Airing your dirty laundry on the Internet, for all to see, is just tasteless, and lacks any class or sophistication."

So what do you call this blog then lol

Dude said...

What dirty laundry do I air with my posts? I just bash a stupid website run by stupid people.

Anti-Freemanite said...

We received an email today that said
were one in the same.

B-elligerent O-btuse B-igmouth wrote...

"Share the email, because you're wrong."
"I don't know who Columbus Joe is but I'm pretty sure it isn't me."

Someone says Bob is Columbus Joe and Bob dedicates an entire Columbuzz page to the accusation.

Very interesting.

Should we call him Bobby Joe, or Joe Bob?
Let's just don't call him at all.
He's a busy man with grass to cut, concrete to taste, and evil-doers to bring to justice.

They should name a street after Bob.
A downhill, one-way street, with cracks, potholes, sloping shoulders, and a dead end.

Anonymous said...

You guys go on about Bob's many blogs, but yet for at least the past 2 yrs you guys have dedicated your lives and a blog to just him.

Isn't it time to get a life now?

And before you start bashing me saying I am a Bob supporter, I am not. I just dont understand why someone would want to dedicate their life to writing about one person for the past two to three yrs.

Bozo Tracker said...

"You guys go on about Bob's many blogs, but yet for at least the past 2 yrs you guys have dedicated your lives and a blog to just him"

I am only guessing but I would think that as long as Bozo Bob and his Foul, Obnoxious, Arrogant, Ignorant mouth maintains his own website this blog will continue to exist.

Secret Santa said...

Anonymous @ 5:09. What condition would this world be in if policemen decided they would quit devoting their time to calling out criminals? What would it be like if defense attorneys decided to quit defending those who are lied on or victimized?

Columbuzz (and Bob) post things with no proof. They think that because someone (often anonymously) tells them something, that it is true. They don't even check to see if there is any validity to the claims because they supposedly don't have time. I think it is because they don't care about truth and if they did and found out it was untrue there would be one less story they could put up to ruin lives.
They think if they say they were told that, that somehow that absolves them of any guilt. I wonder how they would explain walking into the movies and yelling we were told there is a fire here. Their butts would soon find out that they would be seen as guilty.

They think because there might be circumstantial evidence or they have a hunch that it must be true.

Nathan just likes stirring up drama. He said it himself once. His name even used to be Columbus Drama. What a loser and what an evil man. They both deserve coal in their stockings.

The Original Mercman said...

I have been riding Bob's ass for a long time now, but that activity takes up VERY LITTLE of my time.

Bob is just the type of person who NEEDS to be opposed.
His lunacy is, and has been, harmful to others.

Bob's cause seems to be drawing attention to, and stopping, all others from doing what he feels is wrong in his own tiny, mixed up, delusional mind.

The goal of this blog, and my cause, is the same, but directed at Bob Freeman specifically.
If any like-minded people hop aboard his bandwagon, then they become collateral targets.

Bob is a menace to this community, and society as a whole.
His 'shenanigans' should be kept in check, or at least brought to the attention of others, for what it's worth.

Dude said...

"Isn't it time to get a life now?"

I have a life, but thanks for your concern.

"I just dont understand why someone would want to dedicate their life to writing about one person for the past two to three yrs."

This blog is my public service to the Columbus community. By the way, it's only been one year.

Anonymous said...

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -- Edmund Burke

“There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men.” -- Edmund Burke

Columbuzz has detracters because of its unsubstantiated attacks on innocent people. Bob Freeman gets the lion share of the criticism because he is the ring leader and has perpetrated most of the lies and uncivil/inhuman attacks.

Dude said...

Bob the hypocrite wrote on columbuzz:
"That means the city has received multiple calls and complaints from someone who likes to stick their nose in other people's business."

I guess Bob thinks it's OK for him to stick HIS nose in other people's business.