Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bob and the Bots vs Ricky Part Deux

Ricky Berkey wrote on columbuzz:
"Actually it wasn't removed as I requested. Jeremy feels the need to expose my "365 Facts about #ColumbusIN" as the crappy piece of work he declares it to be. It's only a daily trivia game, I don't even save them."

I wouldn't worry too much about Jeremy's opinion, Ricky, since he can barely construct a coherent sentence.  Plus he thinks it's funny to destroy people's reputations on his website.

"Bob, on the other hand felt the need to retaliate against me for telling him privately what I thought of the ColumBuzz website."

Well Ricky, if you're not a mindless Bob-o-bot, then you're an enemy of Bob.  Plus, with Bob, assume that anything you email him privately may be posted on his website for all to see.

"I'm not sure why he cares since it's not his website and he has no control over it."

Bob loves to say he doesn't care about something while at the same time ranting about it for days.  And don't let Bob fool you.  He has complete control over HIS website.

"He claims he proved his point and took down his mocking posts against me. So I guess I was the one being 'spanked'."

It's impossible for Bob to prove his point since he has no point.  He and HIS website are both pointless.

Then Bot Joanna responds:
"Ricky you're off topic here, and Columbuzz doesn't claim your writings. We couldn't because we would actually have better facts."

Bob was off topic too, but since he's the columbuzz dictator, he gets to be off topic as much as he wants.  By the way, Joanna, if you claim you would have better facts, then put up or shut up.

"I don't understand the problem, it is publicity for you and your work you post on a public website. Just so happens it does pertain to Columbus Indiana which is kinda what this whole site is based on."

And that's your biggest problem, Joanna.  You don't understand the problem.  Why would anyone not want to be associated with a 'wonderful' website like columbuzz, a site that is based on rumors and hearsay?  Just more proof that Columbuzz is run by a bunch of ignorant, uneducated people.

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