Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bob's Shenanigans

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"I think it's time to stop worrying about the idiots that attack us."

I just love it when Bob calls other people idiots.  This from a man who posts a picture of an "anus" next to a restaurant ad.  What a genius.  By the way, why the sudden change in official columbuzz policy?

"We can't stop them from calling ... our advertisers."


"We can't stop them from being stupid on their website. So we'll stop trying."

This from a man who can't keep advertisers who pay nothing from leaving his site.

"Some of our advertisers actually enjoy telling them to go fly a kite when they call. So we'll keep putting the ads on."

I'm sure some of your advertisers are bots.

"Most of the advertisers they harrass will see that the harrassers are twisting things around."

I don't think so Bob.  And who's twisting things around by calling legitimate complaints to advertisers harassment?  Why don't you call the owner of Zwanzigz's and ask him if he thinks he was harassed?  Ask him if he thinks things were twisted around?  But that's not your MO.  You don't investigate, you just believe what you want to believe.

"The good part about all of this is, most of our troublemakers gather at that site. And it is an easy site to ignore."

You can't ignore it Bob.  You're on my site several times a day.

"The bad part is, our trustee and his fire chief signed an agreement. So now the troublemakers include some of his firemen and relatives. So the trouble is being caused by proxy now. Oh well."

I didn't sign anything.

"We can take it."

You have proven repeatedly that you can dish it out but can't take it.

"We have been attacked by much better people than these idiots."

I doubt that, but if it makes you feel better.

"In the meantime, we are getting new information and discovering new shenanigans by some of these same idiots. We will report on all of it as soon as we get it and confirm the facts of what we report."

What happened?!?  Did someone park illegally again?  And how exactly do you confirm the facts, Bob?


Anonymous said...

Can't someone look up Nathan Wiley's information so we can contact he or his family to let them know our disgust with his association of Columbuzz?

Anonymous said...

Again with Nathan. Nathan isn't apart of the site, whether you believe it or not. Call his family, call him, I don't care. Call his employer too... lol

Anonymous said...

" And how exactly do you confirm the facts, Bob?"

Columbuzz's fact confirmation method:

"We received a phone call."
"We received this email."

Reliable, professional, and RESPONSIBLE journalists gather and confirm facts BEFORE they report.

Columbuzz is pure gossip, hearsay, and bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Bob Freeman commented in -- Chris Chambers, ECIFD Firefighter and Photographer -- on 27 July, 2011 05:34:05
Nobody said they are pictures OF Chris.

Bob Freeman will be back in court soon.

Can you imagine Bob Freeman's reaction if someone treated him the way he treats others?
He would get so hot under the collar he would have a stroke...after a publishing rampage and mass deletion.


You can tell by looking at the posted email to ZwanzigZ, by NATHAN WILEY, that he is poorly educated and could use some lessons in grammar and sentence structure.

Dude said...

Jeremy wrote:
"Mr. Freeman never attacked a child and this information if told to you was false, Mr. Freeman hasn't said or posted anything in a context which a child was being libeled, attacked, insulted, etc."

Jeremy, you are a liar, just like Bob.

Dude said...

Bob wrote:
"Their website is full of lies and garbage saying we are wrong. We post facts. They post lies."

Sure Bob, whatever. Delusional.

Anonymous said...

He makes note of this site on Columbuzz so frequently, but is still afraid to post a link to this site for others to see, and judge, for themselves.

That speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Kirtz IS Nathan Wiley. Prove me wrong! You, CANT!

Dude said...

Bob is on my site every day, but he never points out the "lies" here. With my Bob vs. Bob series, I just use his own words against him to expose his blatant hypocrisy.

Nunya said...

"Nathan isn't apart of the site, whether you believe it or not."

English language lesson for Jeremy(Nathan):

'apart' and 'a part' have totally opposite meanings.

Freudian slip?

Mercman said...

BOB FREEMAN the NUTCASE said these things:

"I can feel the struggle within you when I read your letters and your e-mails. I can hear it in your voices when you call."

Gee. With all the emails and phone calls that Bob gets, he needs a secrectary or a staff to handle the flood of citizens' and consumers' complaints.
Poor much crime to fight and so little time to take care of it all.

"Rest assured, your identity is safe with me. Nobody will ever know where we get our information.
You will remain anonymous as we go through this.
I assure you, your secrets are safe with me."

Until Bob experiences one of his many mood swings.
THEN he will use ANYTHING, and EVERYTHING against you...GUARANTEED!

"Call me any time. That’s why I’m here."

" fight crime, to achieve justice for all, to expose the evil-doers, to feel important because I am such a pathetic, bitter, wretched soul.
If I have no story, I'll make one up, by, I mean by Bob!"

"The more information you provide me, the better I can help you."

Bob will even pay for information.
The drop point is Walmart-Aisle 7-School Supplies

Bob Freeman 3225 Lilac Ct.
Columbus, In 47203

Just look for the big sign out front with the picture of an anus.

Dude said...

"Can you imagine Bob Freeman's reaction if someone treated him the way he treats others?
He would get so hot under the collar he would have a stroke...after a publishing rampage and mass deletion."

Reminds me of Bob's epic comments from last December:

Bob Invokes the Dufus Defense

Anonymous said...

All we have to do is send advertisers screen shots of columbuzz. They will stop.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy: Is this you?

I put the pic into, and -- what do you know?! -- it's a stock image.

Either you're a model in your spare time -- and have licensed your photo -- or that's a fake profile.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you again for the time we was allowed to display your banner.

Thems some smart folks at Columbuzz ROFLMFAO!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is no such person as Jeremy Kirtz. Some of the photos that are on Columbuzz were taken by Nathan Wiley but credited to Jeremy Kirtz. The made up name Jeremy Kirtz IS NATHAN WILEY!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - keep beating the rabbit. No one cares! Also you can't prove anything!

Dude said...

"Also you can't prove anything!"

That never stops you and Bob from making baseless allegations.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Tushay"? Its french moron. Touche' kind of like "jeremy is a douche'" or should I say dushay?

Dude said...

Jeremy, I don't want to know anything about your "tush"-ay!

Dude said...

Bob's reply to Lisa on columbuzz was rambling and mostly incoherent, but my favorite part was when he wrote "Last year, people were upset when they thought I couldn't prove what I said. I could but they didn't think so". Sure Bob, that's why you settled the libel suit out of court.

Dude said...

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"And in case you didn't understand that:

Ningún Lisa, eso no es lo que decimos en todo.

Ahora lea este lentamente tan usted lo absorbe todo.

Dijimos, algunos alborotadores llaman a nuestros anunciantes y amenazan a boicotearlos si ellos no tiran su anuncio LIBRE de nuestro sitio web.

Un bombero del Cuerpo de bomberos de Municipio de Columbus hizo tales llamadas a en el anunciante del leastone. Ese anunciante tuvo a persona que llama identificación y Chris ha confesado llamar los un anunciantes.

El tema de sus llamadas de harrassing es que anunciamos material inapropiado."

So Bob is a racist too?

Anonymous said...

Now Columbuzz, Bob Freeman and Nathan Wiley, are trying to shutdown White Castle.

I guess this restaurant refused to place a FREE AD on Columbuzz, so now they're on Bob Freeman's hit list.

Anonymous said...

Bob will probably say that some of his best friends are Hispanic and black.

I doubt that Bob has ANY friends.

Anonymous said...

Bob, everyone knows that you ARE a delicate flower. - You can't take criticism at all.
- Anytime anyone puts you in your place you delete or change their posts. I'm not talking about inappropriate posts. Everyone sees you do it since the posts will stay up for a couple of hours before you get to deleting them.
- You simply argue like a little kid.

Even your posters know this. How often do they come running to your rescue when you get challenged now? Not that often.

Dude said...

"Bob, everyone knows that you ARE a delicate flower. - You can't take criticism at all."

Bingo! That's why he wants my website shut down, so his delicate feelings won't be hurt. You know Bob, there's a simple solution to this problem. Either shut down your site or stop reading mine.

Anonymous said...

Well, it could be that or maybe Fred wasn't behind White Castle for some reason because usually Bob seems to support getting businesses in town to the extent of giving them tax breaks. Or maybe that is just downtown businesses and other ones Fred is behind.

Anonymous said...

Bob is quick to tell others if they don't like the stuff posted there such as Milestone, then don't read, but then like many other ways he is hypocritical and wants this one shut down.

Anonymous said...

i hope someone saved it, that was removed