Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breaking News: Bob Insults Hispanics on Columbuzz

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"No Lisa, that's not what we're saying at all. Now read this slowly so you absorb it all. We said, some troublemakers are calling our advertisers and threatening to boycott them if they don't pull their FREE ad from our website. Most of those troublemakers are either related to the trustee or work for him at the fire station. A fireman from Columbus Township Fire Department made such calls to at leastone advertiser. That advertiser had caller ID and Chris has admitted to calling the one advertisers. The theme of their harrassing calls is that we post unsuitable material. And that's their right to think that and to say that. And it's our right to think and say the same. Last year, people were upset when they thought I couldn't prove what I said. I could but they didn't think so. They want proof. Here is proof of what we said. And I'm far from being a delicate flower. In summary, they stop their bullshit and we stop ours, but not until then. That means their website is shut down and the calls to our advertisers cease. Until then, we post everything we can find.

And in case you didn't understand that:

Ningún Lisa, eso no es lo que decimos en todo.

Ahora lea este lentamente tan usted lo absorbe todo.

Dijimos, algunos alborotadores llaman a nuestros anunciantes y amenazan a boicotearlos si ellos no tiran su anuncio LIBRE de nuestro sitio web.

Un bombero del Cuerpo de bomberos de Municipio de Columbus hizo tales llamadas a en el anunciante del leastone. Ese anunciante tuvo a persona que llama identificación y Chris ha confesado llamar los un anunciantes.

El tema de sus llamadas de harrassing es que anunciamos material inapropiado."


Gary as in Gentry said...

Seyeur Bob se yon moso nan embesil krap!

J. Wellington Wimpy said...

Ha ha.
Today those morons on Columbuzz posted a link for a White Castle coupon that is only good for the first ninety customers.


It's a good bet that they have well exceeded 90 customers by now.


Anonymous said...

Bob on Racism, Sticking to his own Party(he doesn't vote straight ticket), Family Bashing, and Homeless Shelter(never happened):

"I also hear that I have an issue with a Mr. Bultheis over something someone else said on this site about his wife Maria, at the Love Chapel. He told me that even if I didn't say it, I shouldn't advertise The Bob Show on such a racist site.

Well, I don't feel that this is a racist site. And where I advertise or link my show is my business. If you don't like it, tough.

Now, if you have any balls, you'll come on my show and debate the issue with me. You're only pissed off because our homeless shelter might do a great job and show where your wife's Love Chapel fails.

I also hear that you Bultheises have joined forces with others are going around bad mouthing me and are going to ask me to resign the Democrat party. I'm as much Democrat as Maria is an Italian. So you won't get me to resign.

I have it from two reliable sources. Care to come on air and dispute it? I doubt it.

I am a Democrat. I will always be a Democrat. You ain't gonna scare that out of me.

I have also helped start a homeless shelter. One I might add, that only wants to help where the existing organizations can't.

But you aren't stopping it. So you might as well quit trying.

Get used to it. Bob Freeman and The Hope for Living Homeless Shelter are here to stay. Like it or not"

Anonymous said...

"Bob Freeman and The Hope for Living Homeless Shelter are here to stay. Like it or not"

Here to stay?
Where is it?

Anonymous said...

Bob Freeman and Chris Rutan had a falling out.

They're divorced.

Jason Vest is Bob's 'buddy' now.

Dude said...

"Bob Freeman and The Hope for Living Homeless Shelter are here to stay. Like it or not"

Maybe Bob could turn one of his homes into a homeless shelter.

Dude said...

To Jeremy:

Where's Herman these days? I haven't seen him post on columbuzz in forever.

Anonymous said...

Herman is in the Military, he is working last I heard.

howaboutthat said...

Wow bob sure has his bots monitor this site pretty close. It wasnt even 20 mins after dude asked Jeremy (nathan) a question and he replied. Just another lie out of bobs mouth. He may not monitor this site but he has his bots do it for him

Anonymous said...

Herman is in the military? Last year when I was arguing with Bob he told me Herman deleted my posts and not him, and he told me that Herman was an old man. Like in his 70's.

If you guys are going to make up profiles, I would advise you to keep a master list so everyone is on the same page.

Also, Nathan, who wrote the article on the guy that was chased down by the K-9? You guys wrote that he ran because of meth and the real journalists got in touch with CPD and found out otherwise....

Anonymous said...

Боб Фриман - жирный идиот слякоти.

Dude said...

Jeremy: "Herman is in the Military, he is working last I heard."

Can't he access the internet in his spare time? I would think he would still want to be involved with columbuzz.

Anonymous: "he told me that Herman was an old man."

That's what Bob told me too. Strange.

Dude said...

By the way Bob and Jeremy, you two are quite the pair. You post an insult of a child, then you delete it and pretend it never happened. You post a racist comment, then you delete it and pretend it never happened.

Dude said...

Bob wrote on columbuz:
"I said I was told his name was Opie."