Saturday, August 27, 2011

Classic Bob Freeman


bobfreeman wrote:
So say it's a scam and stay away. We will make money in spite of your nasty remarks.

People are only being cautious which is natural. I wouldn't just yet be acting like its the best thing since sliced bread. Its great IF you make money. No one is being nasty.

bobfreeman wrote:
And yes, people against these programs DO get nasty. I get sick of it. We find something that looks like it will make us some money and people that don't know what they're talking about cut it down. Prove it bad, then run it down. It's my $11.33 to lose. That's a meal at McDonalds.

So what if people supposedly get nasty? Why do you let it upset you so much? You shouldn't be so offended by it and take it personally. How do you know that they don't know what they are talking about? They could very well have been with a similar program that went belly up and they know the ropes of how these programs work. So you really can't say that they don't know what they are talking about. Still you should't be acting like this Money Fish program is all that and a bag of chips. Prove it pays and is a long lasting program. Prove it won't be like some others programs that run off and leave members holding the bag. Until it is proven to be so grand and is around for many years, then people have a right to be cautious and to voice their opinions about it.

bobfreeman wrote:
And until it's proven bad, they shouldn't be guessing at what will happen. Until I have reason not to believe someone, I will believe them. If it disappears, I am out $11.33. A lot of clowns run their mouths and they DON'T know what they're talking about.

Oh really? So in other words if people have a different opinion than you of this program, then they shouldn't be talking? Please. No one makes that call, not even you. You cannot stop nor control differing opinions. You still do not know what these members know. To state people do not know what they are talking about is ridiculous to say the least and a bit arrogant. Oh and by the way, name calling is so elementary my dear. I thought this forum was supposed to be for "adults" that could handle discussions and opinions.

bobfreeman wrote:
I really don't want to piss you off? What is that supposed to mean? You're guessing now because I DO want to piss you off. Show me what you can do Big Boy... What a joke. Go threaten some kid or something. And I do have experience with these programs and I have been burned too. But we have 3 working now and all are paying. Money Fish will in two weeks. It's not a matter of a different opinion when someone has been burned and automatically assumes all programs are scams. You rant like you know and you know LESS about it than people that are in it. No need to argue. I'm right and you're wrong. If I get burned, I lose $11.33.... Whoopdi doo... Grow up.. And I didn't call you the ass I think you are. Grandpa...

Grow up? Says the guy behind the computer calling people names. I find it strange how you are the only one so bent out of shape out of what people are posting. For the final time: You have no clue what people here know.

If you believe bob and his brother are getting any where near a sign-up a second and/or 9000 sign-ups in all, just nod. The rest of you that believe this, put your crayons down and hold up your hand.

bobfreeman wrote:
I copied and pasted that information. Now you call me a liar. Wayne sent a bunch of lies to Money Fish threatening them with a bunch of nonsense. I think his goal is to get me kicked off there and off here. I will not post here again. You can take your hostilities and I will take my profits. I know Money Fish will be good. See ya

bobfreeman wrote:
As did I you. Post on a forum and all might respond. "Don't like it, don't read it" goes both ways.

I don't care if you post. My problem with you is being upset that some don't think this program is what it is claiming to be. Not everyone is going to agree with you. You act like this program is a close relative of yours the way you try and defend it. Even some here that have joined it is not acting the way you are. The slightest criticism and you get all defensive.


People too stupid to try it shouldn't criticize it. But, until they have broken their word, or until you have lost a whole $11.33, you don't know what you're talking about.

One. People who are dumb to join such scheme should not post opinions. Two. If you "made money" before company/website launched, than you joined obvious scam.


Ronald said...

$11.33 is a meal at Mcdonald's? Maybe if you eat three bigmacs. Still say Barkes weighs 100 lbs more than you, Bob? Keep lying Bob. Better yet, lie about your weight as you eat your 3 bigmacs, when you're done you can lick the sauce off your keyboard. Its the 11.33 that keeps on giving.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if Bob had actually won the trustee election? He would try to sign everyone who came in for help to his ponzi/pyramid schemes.

"We'll help with your electric bill but you need to sign 5 people up to receive our other services."

Bob, you won't agree with this, but losing the trustee election is the best thing to happen to you. I gaurantee you would be in jail by now if you had won.

Hamburglar said...

Ronald, I was about to comment on the $11.33 meal at McDonald's too. GMTA.

"No one makes that call, not even you. You cannot stop nor control differing opinions. "

Well, he certainly does a pretty good job of silencing the differing opinions at Columbuzz, but he can't stop them everywhere.

Anonymous said...

you can make fun of him all you want, but he is my hero. he is knee deep whistle blowing on the latest scandal, and keeping all of us fine rezidents (or is it residents) secure on proper spelling methods! I can sleep well now, knowing that he is on the case of such an important cause. i might just have to join his church.

Dude said...

That gray vs. grey article put me to sleep.

Dude said...

Columbuzz is now attacking a Starbucks employee and posting her picture? Can they get any more pathetic? Oh wait, they already have.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the day when Bob Freman or Nathan Wiley takes a photo of me in such close proximity.

I will take their camera or cell phone and shove it straight up their ass.

Maybe someone else can then take a photo of me doing that.

Whistle Blower #7 said...


ANONYMOUS - "I am waiting for the day when Bob Freman or Nathan Wiley takes a photo of me in such close proximity. I will take their camera or cell phone and shove it straight up their ass."

BOB - "Someone on another site said that if Jeremy or myself ever came up and took a picture of them like that, they would shove the camera up our ass."

Jeremy Kirtz = Nathan Wiley

Anonymous said...

Another fake story from Bob Freeman?

"Our Trip to the Creation Museum"

I don't see Bob in the picture.
It's the same picture pasted over a different background each time.

Shover said...

Mr. Numbnuts said: "But name a time and a place. I will gladly come and test your threat."

Office Supplies aisle
Bring your smallest camera and some vaseline.
You should also bring a friend to help you walk back to your vehicle.

Where's Bobbo said...

I wonder why Bob IS missing. We could play a game of Where's Waldo, I mean Bobbo. As far as the different backgrounds, they offer different ones there, but I thought they still had to take the picture each time. Then again, Maybe they change the backgrounds on the computer software. I really can't remember.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They are all weird just like bob. Birds of a feather for sure! They all cuss, back stab, and try to ruin others reputations with their made up fantasy story telling. They all hated each other a year ago and now they "love" each other? What kind of crap is that?! Bob say's they "scorned" one another a year ago because of their beloved leader. Yeah right! Sounds like a bunch of grade school drama to me. GROW UP! Bob is trying to make it sound like he had a part in bringing them all together again. How sweet bob. NOT!