Monday, August 22, 2011

Twitter Wars

Number of Twitter Followers as of 08/22/2011:

The Republic: 839
Ricky Berkey: 673

Columbuzz: 222
Bob Freeman: 48


Anonymous said...

I can't believe those idiots actually have 222 followers. I realize that's only roughly 0.5% of the community they claim to serve but that's too many.

222, I think that's right at the capacity of the Bartholomew County Jail. Fitting.

Anonymous said...

I just occured to me. With one tweet, Ricky Berkey will reach 3 times as many different people than the columbuzzards ever do.

Anonymous said...

scmbuzz total users

Currently active users: 8

Anonymous said...

222 idiots in Columbus. That's about right.

Anonymous said...

Bob the Coward said, "I post a lot on here and that makes people think it's my site. It isn't."

That's funny because before the law suit was filed against Bob for the bullshit he was printing, the site was registered under HIS NAME!


He thinks everyone is stupid enough to believe everything he says.

Bob is a punk.

Dufus Tracker said...

Bozo News

Ricky Berkey said...

My Twitter following is greatly inflated by some SEO blackhole I've fallen in. Locally, the number of people actively using social media is tiny and seems to be decreasing. I write a weekly blog about Columbus design and architecture, and use Twitter/Facebook to post about Columbus trivia and events. All meant to be positive and fairly professional. Arguing with Internet bottom feeders and trolls is counterproductive and an utter waste of my time.

Anonymous said...

Wishing for a better world in which people like Berkey run a website for community news and idiots like those at columbuzz are limited to 140 characters.


SEP 19 2009
"There are few people in this world that are around children less than I am. I mean EVER. I am NEVER around any kids."

My father was fearful people might think he was a pervert because his father was. He was very guarded about it, and in turn I have always been careful not to put myself in a postion to be accused of it..

Bob do you have BAD thoughts about little boys and girls... hmmmmm
i sure hope some young child dont come up with a BAD story about you being BAD TOUCH NO TOUCH.

Anonymous said...

Put up or shut up Miracle boy!