Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In My Opinion

Bob wrote on columbuzz:
"Reminder: Trustee with Butthole Nephew Can't Keep Books Correctly (in my opinion)
Columbus Township Trustee Fred Barkes has a nephew that keeps picking apart everything we do here."

Thanks for the compliments Bob!   I really appreciate it.  It really means a lot coming from you.  By the way, you missed your chance to get rid of me.  I was fully prepared to shut down my blog shortly after the election.  But you just couldn't let it go.  You wouldn't stop attacking, so here we are.

"So, maybe we should remind everyone what sort of quality people (his aunt and uncle) we have in our Trustee office. The trustee's wife is the office 'manager'....."

They are very high quality people, unlike you and your minions.

"Keep up the good work (Dude). This is going to be fun..... Dumbass! (in my opinion)"

I will, thanks.  But seriously Bob, I have to give you some of the credit.  You make it too easy.

My definition of a dumbass:
One who:

  • places a picture of an anus next to an ad to a restaurant.
  • believes a Nigerian prince will give him money.
  • believes that hearsay = TRUTH.
  • believes that the moon landings were faked.
  • believes that a foul-mouthed raving lunatic could win an election in Columbus.
  • advertises an odometer tampering device on the Internet.
  • pays $500 for bogus information. 
  • agrees to use Walmart as a dead drop site.


Bozo Tracker said...

A Reminder for Bozo !!

Columbus Township Trustee

7144 64.89% Frederick E. Barkes
3865 35.11% Bob Freeman

Anonymous said...

Big difference there :o) yeah, I like it!

Anonymous said...

I bet the trustee didn't (ridiculously) have punctuation in the budget that was a different size than the letters. I also bet the words were the same color.

Secret Santa said...

Pointing out errors made (especially with important things) and keeping politicians honest are fair game. However, to keep harping on it years later and using it as a vindictive weapon is wrong. If they continue pulling crap like that, name-calling, juvenile pictures, rumors and innuendo (asking if it is true or implying it instead of finding out if it is true) then they will never be seen as credible journalists except perhaps by the Jerry Springer / Cheaters / Tabloid crowd. But then again, their founder Nathan always thought the place was better than it was. He always dogged the Republic (who admittedly often make mistakes) while patting himself on the back as a better alternative.

Sounds like Bob / Columbuzz said...

"He tried to intimidate Bob with taking him to court as well, and now he is doing the same thing again. It's all intimidation and trying to control people."

"Looks like there is a pattern with Nick Hill, he wants to become violent when people say stuff he doesn't like to hear and try to intimidate people to gain control over them."

"Some people just want to bitch and moan because they have no life. That is the attitude of just about everyone on the website run by the nephew of Fred and Sandy Barkes, our elected Columbus Township Trustee. (Substitute Bob, our local election loser)) Could we expect any less from that bunch of dingalings?" (substitute Columbuzzards).

"Some people are never happy. I think if they don't like it maybe they should get out in the heat and help you do it. If that is all they have to do is cry and complain about everything you do they have sad lives."
Misty, does this apply to the yard next door? Does it apply to Milestone? Does it apply to your complaints on this site? Other complaints on Columbuzz?

"I would imagine the complaints came from the idiots in the Fred Barkes Fan Club, headed by his nephew Mark Cutshaw way down in Texas. They have nothing better to do than attack us.(me)" And whose board attacked people first, Bobbo? This blog exists because of YOUR activities.

"Bob Freeman --- We post your drama. Keep supplying and we keep posting..... lol"
That's what's done here, Bobbo.

"Misty Sanders-Palmer - Maybe they shouldn't be snooping around on YOUR page and they wouldn't have to worry about it. I guess they have nothing else to do what stalk the internet 24/7."

Same thing here, Misty. Maybe you shouldn't be snooping here and then you wouldn't have to worry about it. I guess Bob and others have nothing better to do than stalk 24/7.

"Misty Sanders-Palmer - I really think they all sit around a computer at Milestone and stalk everyone and what is going on. What else do they have to do?" Sounds like Columbuzz to me.

What's good for the goose... said...

Bob Freeman on 08 August, 2011 11:03:11
"To Nick Hill; suppose Crissie loaned me her Facebook account to post sometime? Maybe her sister or her neighbor.

How do you prove what she said and what one of the rest of us said?

You only have proof it was said on her account. You can't prove WHO said it.

Not that she has any reason to deny anything she said, but my point is, you can't prove she said it."

So, Bob, you can't prove that the infamous Mercman or anyone has made comments over there. What if they loaned their internet connection to someone? You can't prove they posted it, only that it was made from a computer you THINK is the same IP.

Is this that infamous respect for other's opinions... said...

and agreeing to disagree?


"Boy the dicks are out in force tonight...

Good job Bob, and can I say the others too?

We already have seen one lazy ass criticize you for what you've done Bob.

Anonymous said...

"Ever visit Eastside Community Center? Love Chapel? Or just about any corner in this great city"

Are we backpedaling, Bob?

"I love to go to Walmart, because of the people."
And to drop off $500.

Elaine - "I don't understand the concept that those of us who left and are "running our mouths" are evil.

How about the pastors who are "running their mouths" from the PULPIT about those of us who left?

Also, when there is something wrong and possibly dangerous it is evil to inform people of the risks? Are Surgeon General warnings on tobacco products evil?

Is it evil to mandate that child molesters register so that people know to keep their children away from them? Most would agree that it is good for people to be informed about situations that could be harmful - why is it evil to notify the general public that HORRIBLE things have happened in a place that presents itself as a church?

People should know exactly what they are getting themselves in to.

Isn't it not only our right to "run our mouths" but also our duty to warn the unsuspecting people in our community? "

One can say the same about this board warning about the Columbuzzards.

Bob Freeman said...

Sick of IT on 08 August, 2011 09:02:15


Anonymous said...

The thing is, they keep saying bad things are going on at this milestone church and they all have seen it with their own eyes. Well seems to me if all this is true why haven't the authorities gone in and cleaned house? Bob freeman is a joke! So are those "Christians" that yoked up with him in order to "warn everyone" about a cult in our community. Everyone is sick of it already. Lets move on to some real news and issues that deserve our attention.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob....

Communist North Korea called.
They want you as their Minister of Information.

Bob is the epitome of dumbass.

Bob truly believes people will buy his story that he signed up with Interpals.net to establish 'friendships'.
He also believes the Twin Towers attack and destruction was orchestrated by Bush.
Bob thinks he was abducted by aliens and anally probed...(it was probably a close friend).
Could this be the reason for Bob's obsession with the anus picture and the word 'butthole'?

Anonymous said...

The best thing Bob Freeman can do for the community of Columbus is LEAVE.

Bob gives Columbus a bad name.
His gossiping and moaning and groaning about everything under the sun, his vile, vulgar language towards others, his immature and insultive remarks, his religion bashing attitude, are all things that are more fit for a rehearsed white-trash TV show like Jerry Springer.

Bob Freeman should peddle his moronic idealogy somewhere else, and quit tarnishing the good name of Columbus!

He is not even a Columbus native.

Anonymous said...

I got a call from someone who said they saw Bob Freeman throwing some type of paper trash out the window of his vehicle while driving.

Too bad Nathan Wiley wasn't there to take photos and video of the crime.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, I have some video of anal rapes at Milestone. They can be yours for a price...

Anonymous said...

Re: Onions on Helping with Discover Columbus

Why would anyone want to help Bob Freeman change something into an amateurish looking eyesore?

It should have stayed as originally created.

If Bob Freeman was criticized for killing babies, would people give them an Onions for commenting but not helping?

I think Bob is taking the job of some poor unfortunate illegal immigrant by doing this.

The Courthouse windows need cleaned. Maybe Bob should work off some blubber by doing that job too. LOL

Pop A. Rotzi said...

"Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp spotted in Columbus"

Hey, Columbuzz....

I saw Elvis at the Burger King.
I have video if Bob wants to make a deal.

Meg Ryan said...

Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp spotted in Columbus

We called that in, i cant believe they posted that..... GOT YA BOBBY AND NATHEN !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Meg Ryan said...
We called that in, i cant believe they posted that..... GOT YA BOBBY AND NATHEN !!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny, I am sure you didn't because we know who provided the tip.

Anonymous said...

After reading the "story" about the local site ripping of "their" idea and how "they" pointed out problems about the roundabout, I am more sue than ever Nathan is still over there. I wonder how his wife and boss would react.

Elvis said...

"No photos, it is thought he was here visiting his mother in nursing home."

"It is thought"???????


It is thought - that Bob Freeman is a pedophile.
It is thought - that Jimmy Hoffa is buried at Donner Park.
It is thought - that Mercman is Charlie Townsend.

IT IS KNOWN - the children at Columbuzz will state ANYTHING as if it were fact.
IT IS KNOWN - that Columbuzz CREATES false stories and information to boost their traffic.
IT IS KNOWN - that Bob Freeman committed a felony criminal act. (odometer device)

Anonymous said...

The Republic's Orchids holds just about as much weight as an endorsement from Paula Jarrett.

Ricky Berkey said...

I can't believe ColumBuzz is stii mocking and taunting me and trying to make me cry! Why would they waste their valuable free advertising space on me??

Dude said...

"I can't believe ColumBuzz is stii mocking and taunting me and trying to make me cry! Why would they waste their valuable free advertising space on me??"

I guess you really hurt their feelings by not endorsing them.

Dude said...

From columbuzz:
"Death, Fraud, Affairs, Mystery, it's even here in Columbus"

And if it's not here in Columbus, we'll manufacture it.

"Does everyone like to stay quiet... can't keep it from the State Police!"

Are they talking about odometer fraud?

"If you think it doesn't happen without people knowing... people know, people talk, it would be best to run!"

Run, Bobby! Run!

"It happened in our little town of drama, but it's too hush for anyone to know... it will be known!"

More lies, gossip, and hearsay on the way?

Anonymous said...

There are people on columbpuss taunting the milestone people trying to start stuff back up again. It has died down again and bob can't stand it!!

Mercman Remains said...

Rickey said this:

"I can't believe ColumBuzz is stii mocking and taunting me and trying to make me cry! Why would they waste their valuable free advertising space on me??"

C'mon Rickey.
You should know by now that mocking, taunting, etc. are part of Columbuzz's Mission Statement.
It's what they do.

It's also what punk-ass, white trash, under-educated illiterates do.

The only credible, factual, civil material they have on their website, is borrowed or stolen by them from reputable news sources.

Meg is a Cutie said...

Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp in the background ordering their lunch yesterday at Piepers restaurant


Anonymous said...

That's strange. The backs of their heads look like many other couples I have seen.

And it appears that no customers, other than the dingaling with the cell phone camera who took the photo, even notice that they are in the midst of two undisguised, well-known celebrities.


Upon closer examination of the photo, I'm sure that's my neighbor and his wife.

Anonymous said...

From Bob Dumbass Freeman's website of inaccurate and false information:

"A source close to Ryan, 49, says the actress and the rock star, 59, began dating about seven weeks ago, and that Mellencamp and his wife had been separated for some time before that"

Seven weeks ago?

Meg is a Cutie said...

Surprisingly shortly after posting the Meg/John photo on this blog it appeared on the Buzzards Site. Hhhhhhhmmm !!

Unlike those guys though I am aware of the source for the photo but then again I cannot verify it's authenticity.

Andy Tibbs said...

"And apparently, you didn't witness the flatout stomping of the remonstrance a couple of years ago that proved that almost everyone in town wants it."...

...said the guy who got stomped in every local election he entered, PROVING that almost everyone in town DOES NOT want Bob Freeman to represent them, or to hold political office.

Now...who is the 'Goober'?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, everyone knows you are NATHAN WILEY!

Jeremy said...

It makes me laugh every time "anonymous" says that. Keep thinking that I don't care.

Ricky Berkey said...

Jeremy/Nathan/whomever: nobody really cares who you are. You seem to think you are some behind the scenes mastermind. ColumBuzz isn't much to be proud of. I just hope you have a real life of some kind.

Dude said...

"Jeremy/Nathan/whomever: nobody really cares who you are. You seem to think you are some behind the scenes mastermind. ColumBuzz isn't much to be proud of."

No kidding. I would be totally embarrassed to be involved with columbuzz. That's probably why "Jeremy" doesn't use his real name.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy or uhm Nathan works for the City of Columbus and was ordered to cease posting on Columbuzz so he set up he ultra ego!

the real andy tibbs said...

Somebody used my name to comment. I'm flattered, but goober isn't in my insult vocabulary.

The real Francisco Franco said...

I think Goober was used to throw back at Bob Freeman because it was part of Bob's post that was being criticized.

Goober, is in BOB'S vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

BOB FREEMAN - "Anal rape is a hillbilly act, no matter what you call it......"

Bob is once again using a derogatory term as well as saying that this hideous act is typical for mountain, or backwoods people.

His statement also implies that no other type of person commits such an act.

Bob is a stupid, bitter, conceited, bigot adorned in a suit of hypocricy.

Who wouldn't denounce such an act?

Bob the heroic trailblazer, and Chairman of the Board against sex crimes.
Bob Freeman, you are a joke with a hollow punchline.


BOB FREEMAN - "Anal rape is a hillbilly act, no matter what you call it......"

What eles would you expect from a loser like
BOOB Freeman
Bob Freeman is the stupidest one person i have ever seen in my life time.

Nathan works for the City of Columbus
Thats my next suprise coming real soon.....
IS Bob worth losing your job over?
Well we will see this week Nathan.

Jeremy said...

Good luck! Then you will learn this week I am not Nathan.

I wish I was a fly on the wall so I could see your stupid face when you find out your info is way off base.


If you was fly on the wall , i would take my fly swatter and squish you ......

Anonymous said...

Columbuzz needs some 'staff members' with at least a high school education and/or a proofreader:

"The other day, the neighbor that let us know about Allen Smith's property in Petersville needing mow called."

Needing mow????? LOL

"He said she was more that willing to make sure all of his questions were answers and she gave him all the help she was able to give."

More that willing????? LOL
Make sure all of his questions were answers????? LOL


Regarding the 'story' from which these statements were taken:

Though it wasn't written in black and white, I'm quite sure Columbuzz is attempting to take credit for causing the two events they cited, to happen as they did.

Freds Neighbor said...

Ole Bozo and Nathan should keep in mind that they aren't the only one's that have cell phone cameras, especially Bozo !!


Thanks to the Watchdogs here on this blog, pointing out the errors and ineptness of Bob Freeman and Columbuzz, the mistakes that were pointed out have now been corrected.

Their M.O. tells us how they react to our comments, so I took a screenshot of the original page before they got it right.

Columbuzz's Hillbilly Publishing

Anonymous said...


Yeah.. we can tell. Fucking morons.

By the way, what is the point of that Bella Pizza article? Bella Pizza advertises with Columbuzz and then Columbuzz is critical of them in an article by highlighting their spelling mistakes?

Dude said...

"By the way, what is the point of that Bella Pizza article? Bella Pizza advertises with Columbuzz and then Columbuzz is critical of them in an article by highlighting their spelling mistakes?"

Maybe it's a bold new strategy to get more advertisers: "Advertise with us for free or don't, but either way, we'll bash you!"

Anonymous said...

If I were Bella Pizza I would take down their Columbuzz advertising immediately if they're going to treat them like that.

Columbuzz just can't keep friends.

Todd said...

On a side-note, has anyone else noticed that Phillip C. Swaim has virtually disappeared from the message boards since his daddy announced for city council?

Anonymous said...

Small Business Services in Columbus

Computer Repair
Nathan Wiley

Lawn Care
Bob Freeman

looks like there is a nathan wiley lol hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Nathan had articles there before (as Columbus Man I believe) that blasted as I recall Central Computer Repair's part prices (or some computer parts place in that area) and somewhere else for their repair knowledge (or lack thereof). He early on tried to get one of the local message board admins to put their board on his server. I think it was Speak Up as I believe it was the first one after Sound Off. Seeing what happened and how he later became, it was a good thing they didn't take him up on it.

He was trying so hard to be something while at the same time acting like he was better than the Republic and others while knocking others down. Wow, that sounds like it still is over there.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add, all the while patting themselves on the back in the most self-congratulatory way.

Anonymous said...

Could this be Nathan Wiley a.k.a. Jeremy Kirtz???

Nathan Exposed?

Anonymous said...

"In the past, it’s been either red mulch or black mulch. Jackson said the colors eventually would change again."

Yeah. Because Bob Freeman can't leave anything alone. He is unstable, impulsive, volatile, and enjoys beating dead horses.

Bob will change the colors eventually because Bob must screw with everything.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of who approved it, it still looks like ass. There only appears to be one word at a quick glance (driving on the interstate).

Anonymous said...

I don't know for sure, but Bob can probably run a lawn mower, however.....

it is CRYSTAL CLEAR that Bob is no landscaper.

*note - I didn't offer to do it, or help, because it is not my place to do so.

TIM M. said...

HMMM Maybe we should start passing the flyers about ole Bob Freeman again..
see what kind of imput we can get. about ole chester himself......
Well i think i will print off about 500 more flyers. Be looking soon in a mailbox near you...

TIM M. said...

SEP 19 2009
"There are few people in this world that are around children less than I am. I mean EVER. I am NEVER around any kids."
HMMM wonder whats in ole Bobs past that we could dig up on him.. somebody told me he was one.. So i guess its true. i suppose its true just because someone said it is......
back groung check might just give us some light on ole chester bobs past......
Bob likes to control his scumbuzz, so i will post the truth here so the right people can see what we have found on ole chester himself..
YOU CANT STOP ME HERE Bob so now its my turn to spread the truth about you, just because someone told me. so as you would say IT MUST BE THE TRUTH....... FLYERS COMING SOON TO A MAILBOX NEAR YOU AT YOUR JOB MR CHESTER BOB FREEMAN.. THIS GAME HAS JUST GOT STARTED..

Imac Hunt said...

Phil Swaim is just a kid who hasn't the common sense to think on his own. He was at the Kristen Brown event tonight at the Loft. People were making fun of him and talking behind his back. I'm not sure why nobody says anything to his face. I'm not sure if he's aware of the public perception but maybe he should stick to selling clothes at Dell Brothers. I hear that's what he does for work.

Just thought I'd add this since someone wondered where he's been. He's laying low so his daddy can run his losing campaign.

Dude said...

More hypocrisy from Bob:

"Well Brainwashed, nobody is forcing you to come here and read this 'garbage'.

Milesone Ministries does the forcing, we don't.


Threatening critics?"

TIM M. said...

A warning from an idiot that posts on the website run by Columbus Township Trustee Fred Barkes' nephew Mark Cutshaw.

This has nothing to do with either... one of them, other than i can post how i feel here without being edited...
Again bob you say someone told you and that makes it true. so i was told by someone its true about you. so whats fair is fair..