Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Response to a Bot

Jeremy/Joanna/Bobobot wrote on columbuzz/my blog:
"We looked through this post a little closer; the only thing we posted was what Google sent us and everything else were links to the White pages including Jeremy's computer screen along. Not sure what information was given someone using any search engine or Facebook couldn't find?"

But what is Jeremy's intent in posting the information?  Harassment?

"It amazes me people get all worked up when they become exposed after all they have done to cause tension to another person's life."

Who's all worked up?  It's not like anyone actually takes your silly website seriously, except for the bots of course.  By the way, have you and Bob caused tension to another person's life?

"The other website is designed to thrash Bob Freeman, the intent they claim is to whistle blow the whistle blowers. If this was true, it wouldn’t be 90% about Bob Freeman."

I believe Bob is 90% of columbuzz.

"I know during many meetings we've had, Bob has mentioned this other website, talking about how they have listed his employers information so people could call and "harass" them about Bob and what Bob talks about on here."

Bob the victim?  Priceless.

"Bob has always used his real name, information allowing anyone to attack him, and they have."

Bob deletes attacks against him on columbuzz but attacks anyone he pleases.

"Now this same person Mark AKA Dude is claiming he is being harassed. Does the shoe feel ok on the other foot? When did the definition change from one to another? How is the information here posted different than posting advertisers phone numbers encouraging people to call and complain about being listed on Columbuzz. It isn't any different, the standards haven't changed, just the players information."

If you can't see the difference, then there's no hope for you.

"Wake up; when you slam people for months, and now your information is listed you get upset. You deserve this treatment if any treatment comes your way, as you have let your many visitors insult, harass, threaten violence, consistently bringing up things to get Bob Freeman in trouble with the law."

You're right, I have let visitors insult, harass, and threaten violence, and Bob was the worst offender.

"You SIR are not perfect"

I have never claimed to be.

"neither is Bob"

Careful now, you don't want to anger your cult leader.


Anonymous said...

Dude – first I would like to say thank you again for starting this site. Before the last election, Bob was able to write whatever he wanted about people and then the bots would join in and rip them apart. It didn’t matter if Bob had never actually discussed an event with the person he was attacking, he was allowed to be as disgusting as he wanted, would not allow most posts going against what he thought and would terrorize people who tried to post under their real names. I know, I was a victim of it as well. This blog has allowed many people to do what Columbuzz should have allowed, respond in a truly open forum with their opinions and thoughts without worry you would reveal who they are so Bob and the bots could attack them. During that time of extreme frustration this site was wonderful and it has continued to be as Columbuzz’s crap continues on.

Jeremy – I can understand being proud of finding out who Dude is, I think most of us have wondered from time to time. He is extremely smart and it took quite a while with many guesses along the way between you and Bob. Looking at this situation now though, there can be no way you are proud of contacting his wife and asking her to intervene. Man up! Acting like a baby, contacting his wife to ask her to step in and threatening her that it would be an embarrassment to her family and costly… Next thing you know you will be threatening physical violence against a woman just like Bob b/c that is obviously your idol. A real man with a pair of ‘em would know if you have an issue with Dude, you take it to him. I hope all the men who know you now see that you are willing to threaten their wives, sisters and friends with the justification you have an issue with the man. You seriously make me sick to my stomach that you stooped this low….


Brian said...

I can sum up Columbuzz like this. Bob, Jeremy, Lucy, Joanna and all of the bots...ALL OF THEM...are disgruntled, disenfranchised TRASH. They are outsiders to the culture, life and prosperity that IS Columbus. They don't feel like they belong so their outlet is to trash and attack anyone and everyone who disagrees with their narrow, trashy and ignorant views. They ALL lack the cognitive ability to take legitimate positions BASED UPON FACT and then support those positions/views with FACTS.

They are truly a BAND OF IDIOTS who occasionally lure in some unwilling, unknowing people who THINK they have a voice louder than everyone else.

Columbuzz is like the town trash can. It's where Springer, Wilkos and Maury fans go to on the internet when their White Trash lives become so boring they have nothing else to do.

Mercman said...

COLUMBUZZ:"I know during many meetings we've had..."

They have meetings?!!!!!!
I am picturing this in my mind and laughing hysterically.

I think Brian's comment is right on target.
Social misfits with a keyboard.