Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Response to Jeremy's Email to my Wife

"Subject: Are you prepared to be sued?"

Are you, Jeremy?

"Are you aware you husband has been writing about someone he doesn't know on the Internet causing your entire family history to be exposed, on the Internet?"

I caused my family history to be exposed on the Internet?  Funny, I don't remember posting that information to columbuzz.

"We would like it if he shut down his BLOGGER website and we will remove all information about him, you etc."

Who's we and why do you want my blog shut down so bad Jeremy?

"I know you being a woman of GOD, wouldn't want any negative things out there, but yet your husband consistently harasses this man."

Sounds like a threat to me.  Shut down your blog, or we'll write nasty things about you and your family.  And how exactly have I harassed Bob?  Have I sent email to his wife or called her?  No, and I even deleted any derogatory comments about his wife and sister on my blog.  How many people has Bob harassed?

"This isn't Godly and we are requesting the blog be deleted entirely. Thank you,"

Is columbuzz Godly, Jeremy?

"I think a suit may be filed for Libel, and or Defamation of Character unless it is removed, we both know if it's filed it will cause embarrassment to your family while being a financial burden."

Another threat.  I'll make you a deal, Jeremy.  You delete columbuzz and I'll delete my blog.


Dude Supporter said...


"I know during many meetings we've had, Bob has mentioned this other website, talking about how they have listed his employers information so people could call and "harass" them about Bob and what Bob talks about on here."

Bob has posted/published who his employer is numerous times.
He seems to be proud of the fact that he tests concrete for Shelby Materials.
He even named his now deceased dog (the one who bit him on live webcam), "Shelby".

"Bob has always used his real name, information allowing anyone to attack him, and they have."

Bob asks for everything he gets.

"You deserve this treatment if any treatment comes your way, as you have let your many visitors insult, harass, threaten violence, consistently bringing up things to get Bob Freeman in trouble with the law."

If Bob has committed no crimes, then he is in no danger of being "in trouble with the law".

Dude said...

"You deserve this treatment if any treatment comes your way, as you have let your many visitors insult, harass, threaten violence,"

What's funny is that Bob was the worst offender.

Anonymous said...

So they found Dude's indentity. The understandable reaction would be a little game of gotcha. When do you become such a sick person that your reaction is to contact his wife and post her email and employer? How do you make that jump? Are you an adult or teenager?

Its actions like that that caused ( I assume) Dude to create this blog. The columbuzzards have shown zero self awareness. Its only a small step to the point they start harassing their enemies' children. Oh wait, I saw children's photos in those they posted. They only posted those photos to pressure dude's friends and family and those photos included children. Disgusting. An intelligent, and responsible, person could make whatever point columbuzz was after by posting names. Columbuzz chose to post pictures of children.

Anonymous said...

Wow! All this time I thought Dude would at least have some local interest in this game other than some tie to the Barkes family. For some reason, I find it a little disappointing.

Anonymous said...

It’s not disappointing at all if you were reading the Columbuzz site back before Dude’s blog started. Dude deserves a round of applause for all he has done, especially from at a distance. Bob ruthlessly attacked the trustee’s family and anyone who would defend them for his own selfish motives. Hmm…starting to sound like familiar ground for Columbuzz moderators, attacking people’s family including women to try and get to the man. Jeremy is definitely following in Bob’s footsteps


Anonymous said...

Jeremy and Bob are cut from the same mold unless they are, in fact, the same person.