Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bob's Freudian Slip?

Bob wrote in a comment on columbuzz:
"Dude, if your comments are on topic about the topic, they will not go on."

LOL!  You're right Bob.   If my comments are on topic, they will NOT go on.  Of course once he reads this post, he'll fix his comment.


Yikes said...

That is exactly why he reads everything here, so he can correct his mistakes by editing his "articles" and editing/deleting comments.

Bob's lack of cognitive and linguistic ability (along with his psychosis) are the primary reasons why he is an idiot. Oh yeah, he's also completely and utterly stupid.

Dude, have you ever considered psychiatry? You might be able to help Bobby boy.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

He just deleted it instead of correcting it. He should do that for everything he posts.

NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc said...

That is priceless.

Dr. Frasier Crane said...

Although I usually tell people to leave diagnoses to us trained professionals, you may be on to something here. I am not his doctor, and something tells me my work would be cut out for me, but I must say carry on.

NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc said...

I want to thank the readers of my blog. I made the decision this morning to delete it. I have archived what I have done so far in case I reconsider (at which point it will be a new address). Maintaining the blog, trying to do mostly daily posts, and dissecting Columbuzz posts is simply too time consuming for me at this time.

I stand by what I posted and wish this blog continued success. I may continue posting here, but even this has taken more time than I should have been giving. There are far more noble pursuits and many other ways to utilize the time for greater benefit.

I felt I owed people an explanation. I imagine that there will be rumors and lies told about the deletion, but I don't really care. Dude has been doing a good job of calling Bob and Columbuzz out and although I have my own views (and can easily shred the posts there), what is accomplished in the end? I don't see Bob changing much, and all my post dissecting seems to be accomplishing is to waste a portion of my life and none of us knows how much time we have on this earth. What I do know is that I would rather spend the time doing something more productive or even fun, not take on work that is somewhat superfluous or something that is read and perhaps agreed with, but ultimately a huge waste of time and effort.

Keep calling them out, Dude and others (if you desire). Perhaps you will institute change from him.

Peace out, NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc

Anonymous said...

If the idiot realizes what's wrong with it in the first place. What a dumb-ass!

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

"what is accomplished in the end? I don't see Bob changing much"

Yeah, I don't see Bob changing much either. It's like trying to argue with a concrete wall. Since the election is over, I too have been contemplating riding off into the sunset.

Anonymous said...

There must be a voice of reason that counters Bob Freeman. Riding off into the sunset will allow him free reign over the idiots of Columbus. Actually, on second thought, he already has free reign.

NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc said...

Dude, I won't tell you what to do. I do think it is good to have someone present some logic. Your blog has been around longer and you do a good job. I do think we gave Bob points to consider, but it seemed like he just tried to justify what he did more instead of listening much or reconsidering. I don't know that his groupies really listen or consider our points either.

There have been boards and the like with similar people and issues where I would step up in the past, but I am not sure I saw results there. It gets wearying. People seem to have their minds made up at times, refuse to consider logic, and seem to be determined to remain in darkness and cluelessness. I won't say that we are always right, but at least we will listen to the other side and consider their positions. I think we have also given thought and sometimes research into forming our opinions and beliefs.
I don't see that over there. They have their own preconceived ideas and they want to attack people when they can't defend their positions.

I will miss this if it is gone as I still swing by to read it. However, I don't know if you are accomplishing any more than entertaining us or not. Maybe you are. There is nothing wrong with just entertainment, but it depends on your desires and how much time you are devoting and have to devote as well as if it is worth it to you. Maybe your being here helps keep them a bit honest and in check. I really don't know as they still do a lot of crap. It does seem like they have removed some things after you called them out, however.

I regret riding off so soon myself, but it became time consuming. Pasting the articles, responding to each point (or most) adding the bullets and bold font to each of my responses, correcting typos or adding additional thoughts that popped into my head and so forth ate quite a bit of time. I might have continued if I truly believed I could change minds, educate, that my defending would make a difference, and so on (even if it had to be a less time consuming way).
I think my decision was easier to delete because if I had left it up it would be tempting and easier to jump back in again and I am not convinced it was accomplishing much.

I hate that there will be no one offering the other side if you leave (they certainly don't allow much of it there), but as it is with their having power there and at least some not knowing we exist, our presenting the other side is made difficult because who knows how many who read the bunk over there even sees our views?

If you do go, I think you probably helped in the election by giving Mr. Barkes and others a chance to present their sides, and that is no small feat. If you do go and you were keeping them in check, perhaps they will go more radical and implode. I don't think having a place outside of the Republic for locals to submit or post is a bad thing, but there is shoddy moderation and oversight there.

NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc said...

I typed a lengthy reply, but fortunately saved it. It might be in your spam folder. If not, I might try breaking it up later. It got the infamous too large to process error message.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

I found one comment from you in my spam folder. I really wish I could turn it off.


Dude, please consider, strongly, keeping your blog up. Here's some reasoning. The posts on this blog are often the only things that keep Bob and his ilk in check. It may seem boring at times and tiresome but make no mistake, this blog is very, very worthwhile and important in this digital age where any idiot (Bob Freeman) can set themselves up as a "journalist" and take on anything they want.

Someone, somewhere really should keep him in check. Please don't lose sight of what you accomplish here, and you DO accomplish quite a bit. As hard as he may try to ignore our voices, he cannot and we may be the only thing standing between Bob's diatribe of lies and stupidity and people looking for the truth.

Anonymous said...

Freeman won't change. Stop trying. It's a waste of time.

Yikes said...

"Freeman won't change. Stop trying. It's a waste of time."

Either Bob or a Bob-o-bot posted this. It's not a waste of time. Think about how many things Bob and those idiots at Columbuzz have changed in just the past few months.

If we keep going, he might just delete everything on that crappy site and shut his mouth.

NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc said...

"If we keep going, he might just delete everything on that crappy site and shut his mouth."

I do think that maybe some things have been changed. I never made the comment you quoted, but I don't see him deleting the "crappy site". I know he did his site once in a fit of anger, but I think the difference is he has Bob o Bots backing him on this one. There I think he was mostly alone.

Yikes said...

@NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc, I was quoting the post directly before mine by 'Anonymous'.

Based on his actions and words, Bob has already had problems with actual news organizations, advertisers, firefighters, police and the prosecutor's office. Not to mention all the voters who clearly hate the guy.

You are right about him having a little support from the Bob-o-bots, but this blog has already converted a few of them as well.

I'd say this blog is having a real and positive impact by counteracting Bob's lies and "articles".


Let's bring reality back into this for a minute (I realize where Bob is concerned this can be tough) because Bob Freeman will never go away until he is put away. Delusional loners whose true claim to fame is janitorial duties at Shelby Materials are desperately seeking approval/fame through, of all places, the internet.

Bob Freeman's personality fits this perfectly. He is an internet troll in every since of the word. A proven and known pervert who frequents teen sex sites while attempting to come across as a "know it all" on a fledgling web-site that appeals to idiots and retards and to a very, very small audience who simply does not know any better.

From Bob's size, conservatively estimated at close to 400 pounds, it is doubtful that he does anything besides eat and troll the web. Hey Bob, why don't you take a stroll across Terrace Lake?

Anonymous said...

Well said, to the previous comment.

Kudos to you for such an accurate assessment of that jerk.

NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc said...

@Yikes, yeah I know from where the comment came. Since it was anonymous and I was commenting agreeing with it, I wanted to make sure and state I wasn't posting anonymously too.