Monday, November 1, 2010

Bob's Letter to Voters

Bob's Letter to Voters

My comments about Bob's letter:
  • Why send one to Briana and Rodney Ferrenburg?  Does he really think they will vote for him?
  • His math is still incorrect.  It's 400%, not 500%.  Plus it's not a fair comparison since the salary 25 years ago was based on 20 hours per week, so the actual increase should be 150% with an average raise per year of 3.7%.
  • He's still being deceptive about the trustee's salary increase.  Big surprise.


Jeff Barkes (not dude) said...

Bob ended his adverstisemeny in yesterdays paper with the following quote: " dirty politics. columbus deserves better. ". Hey Bob? Who is the only one who has slung mud? Answer: You. The kindest word I can think to describe you is "hypocrite".

Otto Maddock said...

Bob Freeman the Crooked Politician here:

Otto Maddock said...

Prove you're not crooked, Bob.
Go ahead.
Prove it.
You can't.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I got one of those letters too. I think Bob's wasted money on most of them.

DASB said...

I just now received one of those "things", well I guess it was, mine hit the Trash without opening it.

Rather poor timing on the mailing it would seem to me.

Bob Freeman said...

His salary has increased 39.9% since he took office.

That is fact.

The reasons for it are his stories. But the fact is, his salary raised 39.9% and his wife's raised even more. Period.

Lie about why or other factors, but he is taking the people of Columbus Township to the cleaners. And it needs to stop.

I see someone else found out that Mercman is Charlie Townsend. We thought we knew it 2 years ago and he kept denying it. So I backed off because I wasn't sure. Looks like it's a sure thing now. LOL

Charlie, you're a fricking loser. LOLOLOLOL

Bob Freeman said...

Jeff, I posted FACTS about your daddy. It is all true. Disprove ONE of those FACTS.

Sorry it's mud to you, but it's true.

Want cleaner info going around about your daddy? Clean him up.

Good luck with that!

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

"His salary has increased 39.9% since he took office."

Why did you repeat your 500% vs. 400% mistake in your letter? I even pointed it out to you before you even wrote the letters.

"Lie about why or other factors"

They are not lies Bob. They are facts, something you know nothing about.

"I see someone else found out that Mercman is Charlie Townsend."

Someone else? That's a good one Bob.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

"Jeff, I posted FACTS about your daddy. It is all true. Disprove ONE of those FACTS."

What about the lies you posted about Mr. Barkes? And we're still waiting on YOU to prove ONE of your FACTS. Go ahead. Prove it. You can't.

Mercman said...

Bob, Bob, Bob.........

If I'm Charlie Townsend, you are the most handsome, smartest, truthful man alive!

Let's have coffee together. Obviously you know where I live, so come on over, and bring guests if you like.
I want to patch things up between us.
Any time will be fine.
I'll be waiting. Let's be friends.