Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Columbuzz Cronyism?

Could there be cronyism at columbuzz?  Bob Freeman posted a picture of a CRH ambulance allegedly parked in a handicap parking space.  Then in comments on columbuzz, he criticized the ambulance driver and called the driver a nimrod, writing "Apparently you aren't handicapped waiting in your car for a parking spot while some nimrod goes into the convenience store to get a soda pop.".

Then on this blog, Bob wrote "(Stat Ambulance has a) higher certification now than they had. And more freedom to dispense drugs as needed without a doctors permission in an emergency situation.  CRH ambulance staff doesn't have that freedom.  Jason Vest (Vice President of Stat Ambulance) is a friend of mine. He was telling me how this new certification all works."

So Jason Vest of Stat Ambulance is a friend of Bob and Bob posts a picture of a CRH ambulance allegedly parked in a handicap parking space.  Convenient, don't you think?  I'm guessing that if that were a picture of a Stat ambulance parked in a handicap parking space, it would not have been posted.  Is columbuzz using whistle blowing as a cover for Bob to attack his enemies and help his friends?  Good question.

Check out this article on columbuzz about Stat Ambulance:


Yikes said...

Bob claims he doesn't charge for advertising, but if someone pays Bob $1200 and gets positive articles (and pictures) posted on Bob's website, what would that be called? Not to mention the attacks on that person's competitors.

It's either advertising or cronyism. Or both.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

Bob just made it even more obvious:

"The owners of STAT are good friends of mine. Their people would never park illegally in a handicap parking spot. Parking in that spot wasn't right."

And a few weeks ago Bob wrote that he was anti-cronyism. Yet another lie?

Anonymous said...

There is a growing concern for bullying in the schools but here is an adult who has been doing it. Now it's not just the people he doesn't like but people and companies his friends don't like either. He tried to be sneaky by posting that picture and article but wasn't smart enough to hide his true motives.

Anonymous said...

Why would Stat Ambulance try so hard to win the Trustee's office? Bob is in bed with them and two people on there staff ran for Township Board.


I find it interesting that every mention of Stat and it's owner only mentions Jason. Stat has two owners according to Indiana Articles of Incorporation. J. Walter Johns II (Jamie) is an owner also. What does he think of this? Did he contribute to Bob's campaign? Is Jamie content to sit back while his ambulance service is derided because of it's questionable relationship with Bob Freeman?