Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top Ten Excuses on Why I Lost the Election From Bob

10. Too busy not reading the usage policy that I selectively enforce on my website.
9.  Was distracted by all of my pen pals on interpals.net.
8.  Unfortunately, the ghosts and the fish are not registered voters so they couldn't vote for me.
7.  Had to take time off from campaigning to attend a remedial math course.
6.  There was a flood and all of my campaign signs along the river floated away.
5.  It was my lame campaign slogan "You can't put out a fire by throwing money on it."
4.  The Columbus "mafia" stuffed the ballot box.
3.  Didn't do enough name calling during my campaign.
2.  Dude's shenanigans on his blog.
1.  The voters are still a bunch of idiots.  I'll make sure to tell them that before I start my next campaign.

Any others you can think of?  Which excuse (one of the ten or one of your own) do you think he'll use first?


Mercman said...

Haha That's good stuff.
My guess for his first rant is #4.

He would love to throw Dude and Mercman in the mix for preventing his victory, but he won't be able to bring himself to the point of bestowing such an honor upon us.

IMO.......Bob beats himself at everything except that thing where Chris Rutan assists.

BTW, Rutan emulated his chum(p), Bob, by losing his election quest as well.

Anonymous said...

I like number 6, you also should check out the Republic article "GOP sweeps Co." he is on there being a sore loser. I posted a few reply's.

Yikes said...

Most recent poll on columbuzz:

"Why do you think the GOP swept last night?

1. The GOP mostly votes straight party ticket.

2. The GOP ignores crooks in office and votes for them only because they are a member of the GOP.

3. The GOP liked the clothes the guy wore to the polls."

The missing and obvious choice has nothing to do with party and everything to do with character and ethics.

Bob and his cronies have failed again.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

So true Yikes. Bob has bad character and no ethics.