Monday, November 1, 2010

Bob's Latest Article

"But Briana responded with a letter a lot more civil than I expected and she told of the hurt I caused her by saying that. I felt bad because I'm not out to hurt anyone; I simply want people to know the truth."

Sorry Bob, but I don't really believe that you feel bad about it and I don't believe that you simply want people to know the truth.  You simply want to win an election by any means necessary.

"She even asked that I apologize publicly on here since this is where I said it. So I wrote an explanation. I told her I would explain but my apology was private to her, even though she posted it on another blog full of idiots accusing me of evil things that simpy are not true."

Why not post the address to this blog to let the people decide for themselves if I'm an idiot or not.  Because Bob would rather decide for them.

"Then today, Herman Forrester, our staff historian, if we have one, found the posts where it was said.
It actually went like this:

Jimmer Jones said "You know Rodney cheated on his wife with Brianna and left his wife and 2 children to be with his whore don't you?"

And I said, "Hey Jimmer, unless you have facts, let's don't throw accusations around like that, okay? Do you have facts? Can you prove what you say?"

Herman Forrester said the archives show that I deleted the remarks right after I responded to Jimmer. I didn't think it was right for Jimmer to bring that up. He had no proof and their personal life really has no bearing on this race. "

And we should believe you and Herman why?  And could "Jimmer Jones" really be Herman or Bob?  But Fred Barkes' personal life does have a bearing on the race?  You might be more credible if you had deleted all of "Jimmer Jones" libelous statements on columbuzz.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jimmer is one of Bob multiple personalties, you know he has several in his head

Mercman said...

I just read what Boob Freeman wrote on about the whole apology thing.

Who do you think you are fooling, Freeman???

"I didn't say it"?
"I simply do not call women that"?
"I started to wonder if maybe I did say it"?
"...I usually think things like that but never say them aloud, especially to a woman. I just don't"?
"I thought maybe I did"?
"If I said it, I was wrong"?
"...if I did say it, I was wrong and shouldn't have"?
"...she told of the hurt I caused her by saying that"?
" I thought it sounded familiar because I had read it, not said it"?
"my memory isn't THAT good anymore"?
" appears that I did not call anyone a whore"?
"My apology was conditional though"?
"I wasn't sure so I said IF I did say it"?
"I am glad that I didn't say it"?
"..... LOL"?

Bob Freeman...are you on medication, or have you been sucking on your vehicle's tailpipe?

If a candidate for office calls a woman who has an indirect affiliation with his opponent in the election a whore...HE KNOWS IT!
NEWS FLASH FOR BOB FREEMAN---Being a township Trustee requires way more gray matter than a person has who doesn't know if they did, or did not, call a particular woman a whore.

"...Herman Forrester, our staff historian, if we have one"

I'm beyond laughing at this point.
Bob Freeman should be legally declared incompetant and demented, and placed in custody and under supervision.


I've had vivid dreams but this one takes the cake. It must be a dream, because NOBODY can be that stupid and still be able to tie his own shoes and dress himself daily.

Bob, if you can't keep track of what you said, how in the wide, wide, world can you be capable of anything beyond testing concrete and mowing grass??????

Who am I, Bob?

Bill Ulater said...

Ole Bozo"raggin" on the Clay Township Trustee

Freeman on 01 November, 2010 01:19:48

Christa, I think I read on Facebook where you said you learned so much from Fred Barkes and you hope you get to learn for four more years.

Congratulations! I think you learned well. You give yourself raises and your spouse money just like he does.

I was told your salary was $6500 a year when you started 3 years ago and it was $17,000 this year, not $14,000. Or is it $14,000 plus $3000 to pay for your insurance? Or are those figures wrong?

$14,000 is still more than double $6500, correct?

And why was it cut to $7000 for next year? Was it because of the 50 or so people at the budget meeting raising such a stink?

Don't you think $5000 is a bit much to pay to have 2 small cemeteries mowed? Especially with as dry a year as we had this year.

And isn't the fire department raising money for equipment because you are coming closer to bankrupting the township than they are with your $17,000, your husbands $5,000 to $15,000, and your clerk's $14,000?

Just curious.

Next year, Pam Sample can show you how it's supposed to be done......

Chris said...

it is sounding like bob is gunning for christa's position when he fails against fred. here is a thought for math... how many elections can one not win before they come to terms that they are a true loser and should just give up? ask bob, he should know the answer by now