Sunday, November 14, 2010

Columbuzz Blows the Whistle: On a Dog

Columbuzz (on Facebook) has blown the whistle on a rogue St. Bernard that is menacing Columbus by pooping in people's yards!

Of course, every time I read one of Bob's "articles" on columbuzz, I feel like Bob has pooped in my yard.


Anonymous said...

Columbuzz blows all right!

Delbert said...

So, Bob blew a dog's whistle! That's as far as I am taking it but suffice to say, it's a pretty gross thought!

Passin By said...


Anonymous said...

It looks like an English mastiff to me which is the kind of dog Fred and sandy barkes have. Did Bob post the picture solely so he could accuse their dog of pooping? Sounds ridiculous but Bob Freeman has lost all credibility.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

"Sounds ridiculous but Bob Freeman has lost all credibility. "

Did he ever have any to lose?

Anonymous said...

Most of us know Bob Freeman never had any credibility. Others are just figuring that out. Bob Freeman is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Now hold on there just a minute..........look at all the documents, certificates, etc., hanging on Bob's walls.
He is a very important man!

Anonymous said...

Probably printed off on Bob's printer. He is a self-serving jackass that no one takes seriously. He is also tech-illiterate.

Anonymous said...

Firefighters, EMTs and now dogs...what's next babies and the elderly


I have a theory. Bob is after everyone and everything. He has such an enormously high opinion of himself, he cannot fathom how stupid people are. Case in point. How could the voters re-elect Fred Barkes when Bob had tried to save us all?

There's no way Bob could be wrong (in his superior intellect) so it must be us. Bob is 0-5 in elections and we should all be flogged for not welcoming him into government with open arms.

Saying Bob is delusional is an understatement. Calling him narcissistic is dead-on but does not go far enough.

Bob's mental state is questionable and his action, sneaking into buildings, his personal attacks on the Barkes's and subsequent denials, means that he is one very dangerous individual.

The voters of Columbus, in there infinite wisdom, saw through this moron a long time ago. Politically speaking Bob was done before he started. He is a dumb-fu@k of galactic proportions.

What makes him dangerous is two fold:

1.) Bob HAS to be right, all the time. Taking exception with ANYTHING he says or challenging his views grates deep within him.

2.) Bob has a serious mental disorder which requires him to always be the center of attention. He will go through extreme means to get attention even if he has to break the law.

Politics satisfied his need for attention and having people (other idiots) encourage him and support him with "right on Bob." "Damn, you're right Bob, how could we be so blind?"

Now, defeated again (5th time) he is back cleaning toilets and running his internet newspaper. The "Columbuzz" crap, that he thinks passes for journalism, is a sadistic rant that the authorities monitor and probably screen-capture and so on waiting for a mis-step by Bob.

I am concerned for the safety of anyone who "takes this dumb-ass on" and sheds the safety of anonymity. The Barkes's and anyone else on Bob's radar should be vigilant and cautious. Bob is completely ignorant of the law, but remember, in Bob's world THE LAW DOES NOT MATTER. Only BOB MATTERS.

Mercman said...

Bob would be a classic case study for any psychiatrist, or psychologist.

As I've said before, he should be on medication.

He says he was a Boy Scout leader and a Big Brother. That is very scary. Very scary.

This community would be much better if he went back to California. They're used to nuts, radicals, and social misfits.

Anonymous said...

Bob needs to go away. Far away!

Anonymous said...

so bob blew the dog's whistle. nasty