Thursday, February 3, 2011

Deep Thoughts By Bob Freeman

From the Bartholomew County Young Democrats yahoo group:

"I have my opinions and beliefs.  Accuracy and proof isn't requiredIn my mind, my opinions and beliefs are accurate.  If you disagree, that's your right.  And being proven wrong doesn't necessarily change an opinion or a belief."

Dude:  Well that explains a lot.  Even when Bob is proven wrong, he still thinks he's right.

"I believe that I am right.  Tearing it apart technically doesn't prove I'm wrong.  You might think I am but tearing it apart technically doesn't prove I am."

"You know, just because I suck at supporting my positions doesn't mean that I don't have positions on issues."

Dude:  Yes Bob, you definitely suck at supporting your positions.

"My inability to support my position doesn't necessarily lessen the quality of that position."

Dude:  You're unable to support most of your positions.


Anonymous said...

Bob is a g-dmnd retard.

Brian said...

This clearly shows the depths of his mental illness. Bob, I took your side as long as I could. I had hopes for you and made an effort to reach out in an effort to bring you into normal discussion and understanding.

You really do have some mental issues or at the best some comprehension issues. You also have a problem with your temper. In all seriousness, you should get some help instead of being fodder for people to make fun of or a buffoon that says stupid stuff that those smarter than you (almost everyone) can tear apart.

NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc said...

Smart people aren't necessarily those who know everything. They just have to find someone who does and be smart enough to recognize it in someone.

Bob doesn't seem to have enough smarts to change his mind or at least question his beliefs when when someone whose ideas are the opposite of his make points. He just keeps on believing the same things in spite of evidence and logic. He should at least consider the points made and failing having any arguments against them, at least seek more information to see if that person is wrong or not.

Court Transcript said...

Judge: Mr. Bob Freeman (BF) would you like to present your opening arguments?

BF: Yes a**hole I would. The defendant is a thief!

Judge: Ahh, I already read the charge - you are responsible for providing evidence now.

BF: What kind of shenanigans are you trying to pull in this court? I HEARD it was true and I BELIEVE it is true!

Judge: Your opinions mean nothing. Would you like to actually provide some evidence?

BF: This is a conspiracy! "I suck at supporting my positions" and "my inability to support my position doesn't necessarily lessen the quality of that position."

Judge: Actually, by definition, your inability to support your claims makes them false. Case dismissed.


Judge: Bailiff, please take BF into custody.

BF: Wait!! Can I have this transcript deleted? handcuffs! I AM COLUMBUZZ!!

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...