Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bob and Fire Protection

Bob wrote on columbuzz "We need good fire protection."

I'm sorry, but if my house is on fire and my kids are trapped inside, I want EXCELLENT fire protection, not just good or good enough!


Chris said...

Lets see.... "we need good fire protection" and his slogan is something about can't put a fire out by throwing money on it" hmm.... I will give him that, you can't put fires out with money. it takes well trained professionals, good equipment that must be maintained, proper training, insurance coverage, dedication, and that is just the top things that come to mind. He is so dim whited to think that simply cutting a fire budget and staff that things will properly work it is sad. I believe that Columbus Township provides EXCELLENT fire protection, and that his solution will do a very simple thing, make it so the fire protection will diminish significantly.

Anonymous said...

I think boob is a complete idiot! cutting money from township budgets for fire protection... lets see... where did that happen recently... oh yeah, Evansville, Indiana. Knight Township Fire Department. Thanks to the former trustee Linda Durham and her crap she pulled, the fire department has to shut down. apparently he took his knowledge of trustee management from the Linda Durham trustee guidebook.