Friday, October 1, 2010

The Top Ten Idiotic Statements from Bob Freeman

10. "I went to the auditors office. People buying a home on contract don't count. The house is still considered by them to be mine."  Duh!

9. "They had this petition for a week. They had the time to call the people they considered unqualified to see what is real. They had time to call me and tell me they didn't qualify." Seriously? He expects the trustee to cover for his own incompetence? Wow! I'm speechless.  And he couldn't get 10 valid signatures?  10?  How hard is that?

8. "I don't lie."  Really?  Seriously?  Even when your wife asks you if she looks fat in her new dress?  Not a good plan Bob.  Trust me, you gotta lie in that situation.

7.  "YOU are part of the elite team of leaders Barkes has set up to be dictators over the volunteers."  Umm, Bob.  You're a dictator over your website.

6.  "I'm now told that Fred Barkes states that he hasn't hired one relative since he has been in office. So this Ruth Baxter is a coincidence. He says that his mother in law was not a Ruth.  So I may have jumped to the wrong conclusion.  I am writing an article now to deal with the misunderstandings of this article."  Love it!  I MAY have jumped to the wrong conclusion.  Misunderstandings?  I think he means lies, not  misunderstandings.  He can never admit he is wrong.

5. "That explains some of the troubles I have getting people to see the truth. Maybe it isn't so much the message being sent as it is a lack of proper equipment necessary to receive that message. That could very well explain some voting patterns too."  Pay very close attention to this statement voters.  He's calling you all idiots, and saying that he's a super genius.  I'm not sure of his education level, but a super genius, he is not!

4.  "I plan to be the Columbus Township Trustee 24/7."  I predict that this will be the first campaign promise that he will break.  We'll see how long this lasts after the first few 2 am phone calls.  Naive, don't you think?

3.  "After all, it's the Columbus Township Trustee office and they only go by the rules they wish to go by."  Umm, Bob you do that on your website.  You know, the Usage Policy?  But I guess the rules don't apply to the great Oz Freeman.

2.  "The decision to protest was made over the weekend. We didn't have time to get signatures from each of the thousands of people that agree with us."  Thousands?  Seriously?  Delusional.  Sorry Bob, the voices in your head don't count!

1.  "I've been to two monthly fire each of those two meetings, they decided on 3 new volunteers....  A staff with 40 positions getting 3 new people per month. That's a 90% turnover each year...  But turnover says a lot about how a place is being run."  This is the most idiotic statement I have ever seen.  You cannot calculate a yearly turnover percentage with only TWO MONTHS OF DATA!

Any others you can think of?  Please add them to the comment section.


Dude said...

Just saw another one on his website: "I will have one of the most transparent offices around". As "transparent" as No thanks.

Mercman said...

My personal favorite from Boob Freeman:

"I support people"