Thursday, October 7, 2010

Statement from Fred Barkes on Bob's Attacks

I would like to make a few statements about the people Bob Freeman has attacked during the past several months. He has found that there are very few issues with which to win so he attacks anything and anyone he can, especially my family and my employees.

In reference to my wife Sandy: Anyone that really knows her finds her to be a very kind and caring person.  She loves God and her family very much and it is tearing her apart to see any of us attacked in the manner that my opponent has. She has a heart condition and I fear for her health and well being.

Roxanne, a trusted employee, was attacked, called names and told she was incompetent. She confronted him at which time he apologized and has backed off most of his attacks.

Briana, also a trusted employee, was attacked in similar fashion and called a whore. She ran in the same party but that did not stop him.

Rodney (Fire Chief) has repeatedly been called many names, time and time again over the past year just because he works for me and a couple of firefighters don’t like him. My opponent insists that the volunteer membership should choose the Fire Chief but what he refuses to understand is that they do exercise that right. Prior to 2009 he was elected chief three times. At that time, the chief’s position was allowed to be chosen by the volunteers, giving me as trustee, a list of up to three candidates. The list given me contained only one name, Rodney. The same process will have to be followed again in the departments yearly election on December 5th.

In the meeting held on September 13, 2010 Rodney exploded when a comment was made by my opponent.  This was after all the accusations that have been made and the reference to his wife as a whore. My opponent again attacked Rodney for the explosion. The Trustee Advisory Board and myself, knowing most of the attacks my opponent made on Rodney, are behind him 100%. He has the right to defend himself and his wife, even though he should have chosen a different course of action.  My opponent's unprofessionalism does not excuse Rodney's.  I do believe most people would understand the position Rodney was in.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dude for posting this. Bob has been calling a lot of people names like a child and it is inexcusable. I thought his callng people monsters was bad enough but he obviously doesn't understand the concept of acting like an adult. I don't know Rodney but I can't blame him for being upset if his wife was called that. I actually feel bad that I thought Rodney handled it poorly at the meeting but this sheds a new light on it. I can say my husband would have handled it a lot differently, but I won't say anymore or Bob will take it as another threat (it's not Bob, as long as you don't run your mouth abot people you do not know). Time to act like an adult, not my 3 yr old...

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

I wasn't there for Rodney's outburst and it sounds like he could have handled it better, but who can blame him? If Bob had called my wife a whore, it probably would have taken three burly firemen to hold me back. And I could imagine that Bob was just sitting there with a smug expression on his face, which probably just made Rodney even more upset.

Bob Freeman said...

When was Brianna supposedly called a whore? I never called her one. I don't call women that. Show me where you get that idea.

Roxanne was said to be a bitch a few times, usually when repeating things many people have told me about her. And there is a difference between a bitch and a whore.

But I don't recall saying much of anything about Brianna.

And I apologized to Roxanne for making her fear for her and her family's safety because of my posts, not for my criticism of her attitude toward clients.

She denied having that attitude and she seems like a very intelligent and professional woman. But I have spoken to many people that say otherwise.

Sandy hasn't been attacked. Statements have been relayed from people who have had to deal with her. People has written about how cold and ruthless she was DURING A FUNERAL SHOWING.

In his last tantrum, Rodney said he was 'SICK OF IT' about me posting about him.

Well, I'm 'SICK OF IT' too.

I'm sick of you and your gang trampling on the citizens of Columbus Township with your shenanigans.

I'm sick of someone like the so-called chief mistreating VOLUNTEERS who give of their time to help people or citizens coming to meetings to try to make things better.

And I'm working on doing something about it.

So hang on to your hats because the best is yet to come.

If you don't want your past to pop up, maybe you should have made a different past.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

So what you are saying, is that it's OK to call women bitches but not whores. Nice. I think you just lost the female vote.

I have no idea where Rodney heard that, but if I had to guess, Rodney probably HEARD it from someone else that you called Briana a whore. Or MAYBE he got an anonymous email. Nasty game to play, don't you think?

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

Bob, you couldn't even remember that you called Fred Barkes an idiot and the employees at the trustee office monsters. So MAYBE you just forgot that you called her a whore? Just saying.

Bob Freeman said...

Oh no, I believe he IS an idiot and they ARE monsters.

But I never call a woman a whore.

Bob Freeman said...

If a woman acts like a bitch to people she is supposed to help.... I'm just saying Jeff....

Yes, I still believe you are Jeff Barkes.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

But I guess calling a woman a bitch is perfectly fine in your book.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

If you still believe I'm Jeff Barkes, then you are the worst detective I've ever seen. I've made it so obvious that I'm not him, yet you're not able to see it or just don't want to. Anyone who opposes you must be the infamous Mercman or Jeff Barkes? Everyone else loves you, right?

Bob Freeman said...

I never claimed to be a detective. But it appears that someone in the Barkes bunch is you. I'm guessing Jeff. But who knows or cares.

Whoever you are, you would defend Fred Barkes no matter what he did. Like a son would do.

He's wrong in so many ways and you know it. But yet, you still stand by him.

That makes you wrong too.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

Well, don't become one, because you're terrible at it. And I can say the same about you. You would attack Fred Barkes no matter what he does, because you are running a smear campaign against him.

By the way, are you an egomaniac? Do you always think you're right? I'm sure your wife loves that about you.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me how "Sandy hasn't been attacked" and being called a monster are not the same thing? It is an attack! You are name calling like a big baby! You are saying things about a person based on what you have heard. Bob is so full of crap it spews forth into all of his writings. It really is digusting. Watch out Ladies, if this guy gets into office and doesn't like you, you'll get called all kinds of names. And....if your husband thinks to defend you he is a raging lunatic, not someone who is protecting his famiy like Bob does. It's ok for Bob to act like that.... because he is just trying to let people know what is going on. Innocent?

Jeff Barkes said...

I can't believe he still thinks I'm the moderator of this blog. I also shot John Kennedy, took the Lindberg baby, have Elvis in my trunk and ate the last cookie. Ok, well maybe I did eat the last cookie.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

I thought Elvis was living in Michigan. Did you kidnap him?

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

Anonymous, I think I can help you out with your question. You see, in Bob's world, if he thinks you're a monster, then you're a monster. Case closed. It's not a personal attack, it's just (un)reality. Glad I could help you out. If you have any more questions about Bob's world, just ask. But I would advise you to not visit Bob's world, because it's a very dark and scary place.

Anonymous said...

Well hell read his e-mail. bitch shows up in it. but he don't call females names. I know he just forgot. I'm sure he was told the post about the Chiefs wife was a bad idea and it got removed

I know, it was one of the censored comments he had to remove it to meet his usage policy LOL