Thursday, October 21, 2010

Columbuzz Is a Joke

Have you noticed any changes to columbuzz?  Probably not, because the latest change is just for me.  Bring up a page in columbuzz and see if you can highlight and copy text.  It has been disabled by the petty and vindictive moderators.  They even broke the search capability in Firefox with this change.  They think that this ridiculous change will make it more difficult for me to make fun of Bob's garbage on his site.  But I've already figured out three different ways around their new "feature", so I can copy and paste almost as easily as before.  Nice try Jeremy, but you fail.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how they're paying for that since their advertisers are bailing? Truth sucks doesn't it Bob?

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

@Anonymous: Which advertisers have bailed?

Magnus Erectus said...

They think they're computer geniuses.
Arrogance and conceit are vulnerabilities that are easy to exploit.