Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Sad

Recent comment from Ruth B. on columbuzz:  "I must admit, I am hesitant to respond in any way as I am worried about now being verbally attacked on here but I did want to clear the air on my name, it is Ruth Barnes. Hopefully I will not have to defend myself on here as I thought comments could be posted freely without retaliation."

It's just sad that people are afraid to express their opinion on an "opinion" web site because of the petty and vindictive behavior of the moderators (dictators).  I and many others are proof that comments can not be posted freely without retaliation.  Last time I checked, I'm still banned from columbuzz.  Also, I'm very concerned that the Bob-o-bots now know Ruth's last name.  If she is harassed in any way, that's on Bob.  Here's part of Bob's response to Ruth:

"Ruth, this is an opinion website and you're entitled to your opinion."
I think he meant to say our opinion.  Probably just a typo.

"All we are after here is the truth, and discussions of those truths."
I just can't believe that Bob can write this with a straight face.

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