Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bob Freeman's Rant on Trustee Office Rudeness

You've all seen Bob rant on his little website about trustee office rudeness.  He implies that almost everyone that goes there for help is treated poorly.  Bob wrote in a comment to one of the posts on my blog:  "I can bring 20 people to court if I need to that will testify that the staff at the trustee office are monsters, bitches, and rude to people who come in for assistance."  I didn't realize that being rude was a crime.  If it is, then I think Bob should already be in jail by now.  Anyway, 20 seems like a very small number to me, so I decided to do a little investigating into the matter.  Here are some statistics from the trustee:
  • Total population of Columbus Township from the 2000 census:  41,194
  • Total number of households assisted by the trustee since 2003:  6994
Now some of the households are probably duplicates, so to be conservative, I'll assume that about 50% are duplicates.  So the estimated total number of unique households assisted since 2003 is about 3500.  I'll also assume that each of the 20 people come from a different household.  So what percent is 20 compared to these totals?
  • Total population:  0.05%
  • Estimated total households assisted:  0.6%
So I think it is safe to say that at most 0.6% of the total number of households say they were mistreated.  Sounds minuscule to me.  And some people will never be satisfied, especially those who do not follow the laws or the rules.


Bob said...

20 people I have met. I'm sure it's only the tip of the iceberg.

ONE is too many. ONE is enough to be concerned.

Apparently, in a world where it's fine for the trustees wife to go to a funeral and harrass mourners, being rude to clients at the office would be the norm.

When you and the people you work with are always a jerk to the people you're supposed to serve and help, then I'm sure it's hard for the jerks to see the problem.

Condescending, arrogant, and rude are the terms I hear the most.

Yep, I know of 20, but I'm sure we can find many more.

I would imagine the percentages are closer to matching their raise percentages. 40% and 52%.

Bob said...

You know, as dense as you are, it doesn't look to me like you quite know how to absorb the facts. Your love for your buddies has you a bit blinded.

I think I'll re-run all the facts to give you a better chance to absorb them.

After all, the people need a reminder just before they vote.

Anonymous said...

Bob, here is a novel idea for you. Why don't you and your "20 people" go down to the trustee's office and have them sign a release form to release their information so we can see why they say they have been treated rudely or maybe they lie just like you.

I know, they will not do that because they do not want their "identity" revealed, in other words, they were not treated rudely.

Bob said...

Why don't they simply stop being rude, condescending monsters?

Why don't they simply do the job they are paid to do?

That would be too hard for them.

I know, why don't they simply all resign? There's an idea.

Maybe we should invite Sandra Barkes to a lot of funerals. Then if she acts like she did at the other funeral, someone will teach her the manners and compassion that her job should require.

Maybe we should address and solve the problems instead of denying them and blaming the victims.

Anonymous said...

Really Bob? Comparing Fred Barkes to the Taliban? You're laughable. Check his resume. He spent almost 30 years in the military. What have you done for your country other than cheapen the concept of free speech for everyone? I changed my mind. You're not laughable, you're despicable.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

"ONE is too many. ONE is enough to be concerned."

Seriously, Bob, are you really this naive?

"Condescending, arrogant, and rude are the terms I hear the most."

Sounds like you are describing yourself, Bob.

"You know, as dense as you are, it doesn't look to me like you quite know how to absorb the facts."

Just because you don't understand basic math doesn't mean that I'm dense.

"Your love for your buddies has you a bit blinded."

Just like you with your brother in that pyramid scheme he was running.

Yikes said...

And Bob, don't later say you were unaware of the illegal activity on your website. You have been notified several times now and you can't delete your comments on this blog.

Your usual lie, rant, comment, delete and deny cycle won't work here. I'm just trying to give you a chance to do the right thing, which is more than you deserve. I suggest you take it.

Bob said...

Hey Yikes, bite my ass.

If what we do is illegal, have us prosecuted, just as I plan to do with the current trustee.

You're all talk. An asshole with a mouth. That's all you are...

Anonymous said...

Bob Freeman professionalism on display.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

Hey Bob, we're all still waiting for the prosecution of the trustee. I know, I know, you're still looking into it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, isn't it more accurate to say Yikes is an asshole with fingers instead of a mouth? After all you're replying something Yikes typed. I know accuracy is not one of your strong points and you like to jump to conclusions but come on. At least try to pretend you're paying attention.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

"You're all talk. An asshole with a mouth."

A perfect description of Bob!

Yikes said...

Bob, from what I've seen I'd probably need to pack a mining helmet and a week's worth of bottled water for that task. Perhaps one of your Bob-o-bots has a map?

Thanks for playing, but again you lose. I'm sure you're used to that by now.

MercMan said...

"You know, as dense as you are..."

Here's the defintion of dense: A guy(Bob Freeman)gets an email from a Nigerian Prince , or some such thing, who is having trouble cashing checks and asks the guy(Bob Freeman) if he could take some of these checks to a local bank in the U.S. to cash them. The guy(Bob Freeman) will get a cut of the Royal monies, so the guy(Bob Freeman) agrees and heads down to his bank. The tellers laugh, the security guard laughs, the Nigerian Prince laughs, the local police laugh, Fred Barkes laughs, Tom Wetherald laughs, a kind lady paying her respects at a funeral laughs, Mercman laughs, the entire community of Columbus(sans Bob-o-Bots) laughs, Bob's wife laughs, Bob's dog laughs so hard that Bob has the dog euthanized under the pretext that it is 'sick'.
It's a miracle that Bob doesn't catch a cold with that constant draft blowing into one ear and straight through to the other without meeting any obstruction.

You know what they do with dense people?
They give them jobs as 'concrete testers'. LOL

Anonymous said...