Monday, December 27, 2010

Bob is Insane in the Membrane

"Michelle, that's good.  And your points are well taken.  We will consider what you stated."

No you won't.

"There is a whole lot going on and there are good reasons for the things we post. But sometimes being malicious is for a reason. The people we talk about in a way that you consider malicious are people that have doled it out in the past on a much larger scale. But each word of a post I make has a good reason to be there."

Bob justifies everything he writes. He does no wrong. I think I know why Bob is an atheist. He thinks he's God, so that's why God can not exist.

"The fire chief I called an asshole, is an asshole.
Go to just about anywhere in town and find someone that knows Fire Chief Rodney Ferrenburg and mention his name. 99 out of 100 will probably say one word, 'asshole.' Most of his staff would say it too if they didn't fear him. That is a proven fact. He IS an asshole."

Bob, that is your opinion, not a proven fact. One of your biggest problems is that you can't tell the difference. Why don't you ask people what they think of you? 100 out of 100 will probably say one word, insane.

"He has reportedly threatened to beat my ass because I exposed what he and his boyfriend Fred have been doing with our tax money."

Lie.  He threatened to beat your ass because you called his wife a whore.

"He AND HIS WIFE are now reportedly trying to run me out of town for voicing the truth about them."

If that's really true, we can only hope and pray to God (the real one) that they succeed.

"So, there is reason for everything we post."

Yes there is, to get attention and feed your ego.


Anonymous said...


My name is Michelle - Yes the apparent infamous Michelle. As I am sure this will not get on the other site as I intended, I have copied it for you to use here.

"This is my last post on this website. I am DONE. I happened upon this website and stuck around because the article I was reading had some good points and I enjoyed the debate regarding those issues. Then the story took a turn and people were allowed to post things that were cruel and had nothing to do with the initial story itself. I did begin posting at that time. I questioned why someone would allow posts to be printed when they were in such bad taste. Bob and I had some great banter in the beginning. I began reading other stories and noticed that those too had some statements that took away from the original topic.

That very much concerns me. There are attacks on here that should not be. There are things on here that are hurtful and damaging to people, that is not what I thought this website was about .

I am now met with hostility and accusations. For the record I AM NOT MERCMAN, CHARLIE TOWNSEND OR DUDE. I did not even now they existed until you and Lucy began accusing me of being them. I have googled the website and found it very easily and have spent time reading it as well. I am now more concerned then I was at the lack of common human decency on this site. It appears that these personal attacks on people have been going on for some time and I for one refuse to be a part of it.

Thanks Lucy for your recommendation and I will be leaving this site. It looks like Dude got another follower !!!! At least his blog does not pretend to be something it is not.

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

Welcome Michelle! Glad to have you on board! Make sure you read Bob's comments on here. They are epic! I can point you to some of the best ones if you don't want to search around.