Saturday, December 4, 2010

Odometer Disabling Device For Sale

Contact Bob Freeman at


Bob is a Criminal said...

How many laws has Bob broken (that we know of):

01. Libel
02. Slander
03. Inciting violence against women
04. Illegal entry
05. Physical property theft
06. Intellectual property theft
07. Copyright theft
08. Online solicitation
09. Trespassing
10. Zoning violations with campaign signs
11. Editing of user generated comments
12. Advertising trademark infringement
13. Odometer fraud - this is the most recent that has been uncovered, but if Bob actually did sell or distribute any of his devices, we can also add product counterfeiting and several federal safety violations (and if he didn't, he sure tried).

These are just off the top of my head and while I'm certainly no legal genius, I am good at spotting patterns.

Care to address these Bob?

Mercman said...

I can think of only one reason to use such a device. Premeditated dishonesty.

I can think of only one reason to sell such a device. Fast, low-key sales of a 'black market' type item that can easily be a hidden source of unreported income, i.e. tax evasion.

Each one of these sales by Bob Freeman constitutes one count of accessory to fraud, as well as conspiracy to commit fraud.
It also stands to reason that Bob has used, or is using, such a device on the vehicle(s) he owns. An additional criminal offense.

"WE" have shown FACTS and PROOF of intent to commit an illegal act by Bob DeWayne Freeman.
I believe he has distributed, used, and/or sold such a device or devices.
The PROOF of that will be forthcoming.

For Bob...because it seems to be his kind of dialogue...
PROVE that you DID NOT sell any of these devices, and PROVE that you DID NOT install this device in any vehicle, and PROVE that you DID NOT know it was illegal.
Prove it. You can't.

Anyone participating in, or even contemplating such an endeavor, is prone to, and capable of other deceptive practices and behavior.

Bob is a self-serving cad with the brain of an adolescent.

Now what's the deal with this Seal-Tite Roofing Company listed at 1021 Pearl St., Bob?
You've had some time to concoct a cover story, so let's hear how creative you can be.

Anonymous said...

Hints were given to Bob several times about protecting the security of his home computer.

It doesn't take much to infiltrate a computer that has a constant internet connection.

Cookies, Temporary Files, Web History, Cache, Deleted Files, IP Tracking, EMail Accounts, etc. show a lot about a person who sits in front of their computer as much as Bobba the Hut.
Keylogging helps too if you can find a clever way to plant it.

Are you speaking Italian now Bobba?

Anonymous said...

Contact Bob Freeman at

Anonymous said...

Contact Bob Freeman at

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

Normally I would delete the above two comments because of the F-bomb, but I'll leave them up since they are most likely from Bob. I guess he doesn't like whistle blowers, which makes sense since it's obvious he hates himself. That's why he attacks everyone else, to make him feel better about himself.

Anonymous said...

Bob the criminal! I LOVE IT!

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...

Does anyone else find it odd that Bob's odometer disabling device has just now been removed from the garage sale website? And he claims he never sold any. PROVE that you didn't sell any, Bob. You can't!

Dude (NOT Jeff Barkes) said...


Wow, Anonymous Bob, threatening violence again? Not surprising coming from someone who ignores the law.

Anonymous said...

Nothing, NADA from Bob Freeman comes as a surprise. He reminds me of a clown and he's just as funny. The law wont find Boob quite so funny though. Odometer tampering is both a State and Federal Offense, I am guessing that since Boob went on-line to sell his little devices, the FBI would probably like to know about this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, dumb-ass, you might want to read:

IC 35-43-5


Act, 49 U.S.C. Section 32704

Poor dumb, stupid Bob is headed to prison!

Anonymous said...

Did our whistleblowing throw a wrench in Bob's criminal activity?
Has the evidence been conveniently destroyed by Bob?
He's too predictable to get away with such shenanigans.
Thw Whistleblowers were one step ahead of him...once again.
Chalk another one up for this Blog and it's purpose.

I wonder if Bob really has a .357, and if so...did he obtain it legally and does he follow the law regarding it's use, possession, and transport?
It has been PROVEN that Bob Freeman is a scofflaw, so the chances of Bob NOT following legalities are great.

And still wondering about Bob Freeman's BOGUS Seal-Tite Roofing Company located at 1021 Pearl Street. His property, his phone number.
It's a residential home.

NotDudeNotJeffBarkesNotMerc said...

Alrightee, Whistle Blowers, you are quick to bust someone who parks in a Handicapped place, who acts rude and all sorts of minor offenses. How about blowing the whistle on this? This is akin to a car ring in that it is in essence rolling back odometers (though not all the way) to make a car appear to have more life and less wear and tear than it really does. Have at it.

If you don't, it is obvious that you pick and choose what to post according to who does it. Yet, you complain about the old boys network, favoritism and the like in town. If the Republic covered over crimes of one of their employees, you would be the first to blast them for it. Have some stones. Prove me wrong.


Someone in Columbus should make cure CPD knows about Bob's internet threats including his comment about using a .357 on and and or all of us. While this may seem like a typical Freeman rant, and it is, it would be nice to at least have it on the record.

I am not afraid of this buffoon but I recognize that he is both an idiot and unstable. He is worthy of keeping an eye on.

This is a picture of Bob's neighborhood in Columbus although I cannot pinpoint the house.

Here is some other information on Bob everyone should be aware of:

Bob Freeman
3225 Lilac Ct. Columbus, Indiana


This man is a menace and best and dangerous at the worse. Keep an eye on him!

Anonymous said...

Bob's home phone number is 379-9711

same as Seal Tite Roofing

Anonymous said...

There has to be a zoning violation among Bob's other criminal enterprises.

Anonymous said...

The only waaaaaaahhhhh we are going to hear is Bob when he becomes Bubba's bitch at an Indiana prison. Bend over fat boy!

Anonymous said...

Hay Rutan you may want to give Bob some pointers at this point in his life they may help him out when the Feds get done with there investigation...

Anonymous said...

I think you can now add vandalism to public property to you list of crimes.

One of our staffers went to EOS, the sculpture downtown that faces Mill Race Park, and placed a hat and scarf on her.

It was dark so the pictures aren't that good. It should show fine in the daylight. I will try to go down and get a few daytime shots.

Anonymous said...

One of his staffers? Bob doesn't have staffers, only idiots and dumb-asses like him.

Anonymous said...

A hat and scarf on a sculpture? Are you kidding me?
The artist didn't intend for it to be viewed in that way.
How rude and disrespectful for someone to take it upon themself to do such a thing, as if they had a right to decorate an artist's work, or adorn property that does not belong to them.
Had to be an Obama-bot. They are like Stepford people.
Vandalism? Absolutely.
How would that person feel if someone painted their entire hom'e exterior purple with green polka dots while they were away? The painter might feel like it looked better that way. It doesn't make it right or legal.